Sunday, October 19, 2014

Those Pesky Kids

One of my favourite device games is Family Guy : Quest for Stuff.  It run on iOS and Android,  and I play it on both (iPhone 4s and Nexus 7).

Currently there is a special Halloween special event,  featuring Ghostbusters IP, deceased Family Guy characters and Aliens/Predators.

In this third week of the event is a weekly challenge called Those Pesky Kids,  in which you needed to bomb 200 tricky trick or treaters,  otherwise known as devil children.

In the previous Stevie event,  a similar task was set for Mutant Stewies. In that event,  you were able to tap a Mutant Stewie to temporarily freeze him.  You could then tap a bunch to get them to build up in an area,  and then bomb a whole bunch.  This option is not available in this event.

However,  there is a method where you can set up a maze or path of switch backs,  allowing a column of devil children to be grouped together.  I've had good success with this method,  usually getting 10 at a time,  and sometimes 13. Fortunately,  TinyCo have altered the quest to be 150,  since 200 was too much to do,  with only 3 days to complete the challenge,  and Stink Bombs being slow to come by.  They might have put the stink bombs as a 4 hour task,  and instead of the previous 8 hour task for most characters and 2 hours for one.

Here is a screenshot of my maze setup,  also showing the Zul Portal that is the reward for the weekly challenge.  The Ecto1 is the reward for completing all five weekly challenges.

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