Sunday, October 19, 2014

Those Pesky Kids

One of my favourite device games is Family Guy : Quest for Stuff.  It run on iOS and Android,  and I play it on both (iPhone 4s and Nexus 7).

Currently there is a special Halloween special event,  featuring Ghostbusters IP, deceased Family Guy characters and Aliens/Predators.

In this third week of the event is a weekly challenge called Those Pesky Kids,  in which you needed to bomb 200 tricky trick or treaters,  otherwise known as devil children.

In the previous Stevie event,  a similar task was set for Mutant Stewies. In that event,  you were able to tap a Mutant Stewie to temporarily freeze him.  You could then tap a bunch to get them to build up in an area,  and then bomb a whole bunch.  This option is not available in this event.

However,  there is a method where you can set up a maze or path of switch backs,  allowing a column of devil children to be grouped together.  I've had good success with this method,  usually getting 10 at a time,  and sometimes 13. Fortunately,  TinyCo have altered the quest to be 150,  since 200 was too much to do,  with only 3 days to complete the challenge,  and Stink Bombs being slow to come by.  They might have put the stink bombs as a 4 hour task,  and instead of the previous 8 hour task for most characters and 2 hours for one.

Here is a screenshot of my maze setup,  also showing the Zul Portal that is the reward for the weekly challenge.  The Ecto1 is the reward for completing all five weekly challenges.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Clash of Clans Farming

Wow.  Has it been that long?  I guess it has.

Getting a quick update out the way.  In the last year, I've moved house, twice, and have been enjoying family lift with the little tyke and wife.  I guess that's all the excuse I need, not to post here.  I've also been playing Clash of Clans since January, still playing Guild Wars 2, although not as much, and dabbling in various mobile games such as Family Guy : Quest for Stuff, Hay Day, Samurai Siege and the usual suspects.

This post, is about Clash of Clans.

I've been playing since my brother introduced me to it, in January.  I don't do much gaming with my brother.  He's a bit Playstation 3, and I'm a bit PC.  However, Clash of Clans represented a chance to do something online with my brother.  That's hasn't quite panned out, since he might have been Town Hall (TH) 9 at that point, and I was a newb.  Currently, I'm a relatively new TH 8 (level 71) and my brother is TH 10 (level 106) with Barbarian Knight (BK) at level 10 and Archer Queen (AQ) at level 11.

Getting to TH8 has been a bit of a shock.  It takes so long between town hall upgrades, you get used to a certain play style, and have to adjust for the new challenges, and the old tricks no longer work. For example, near the end of my time as a TH7, I had very little need for elixir, since all my buildings and units that required it had been maxed.  As a result, I was lucky to be doing dragon flights for all my war attacks.  However, now that doesn't work so well, since I need all that elixir for unit upgrades and barracks. Plus, dragon flight attacks with level 2 dragons doesn't work so well for me when the base has 3 level 5 Air Defense (AD) unit shooting them down.

So, I had to educate myself on how to play at TH8.  And then I saw a few vids by Daddy. Daddy opened my eyes to cheaper way to farm, so I could earn all that gold, elixir and dark elixir that will be required.  I had also found Clashing Tools, which allowed me to know how much my attacks were costing, thus allowing me to make sure I only target bases that are going to turn me a profit. It also allowed me to determine the optimum unit distribution for my farming load out.

So, here's the farming build I've been using.  I don't always use the spells.  They are just there in case a simple farming expedition should turn into a need for humiliation.  After all, the base unit build is 49,600 elixir.  There's no point eating into the profit by wasting spells.

an image   an image   an image   an image   an image   an image   an image   an image   an image   an image  
88   56   20   4   8   1   1   1   119,600   00:21:40    
generated by clashingTools

If you watch a few videos from Daddy, particularly the one where Junior has just received TH8, and goes on a raid, you'll notice he tends to lay out a line of barbarians, followed by a line of archers, or throw out some giants, followed by something a bit weaker.  This is my tactic with these units.  A line of barbs, a line of archers. The barbs will reveal any bombs, the archers will shoot over walls.  Then I'll have a giant as meat shield, followed by 2 wall breakers to penetrate the wall, and allow entrance for more barbs, archers, and goblins to take the resources as quickly as possible.  If the Clan Castle (CC) happens to have units, I draw these out and take down with archers, or the lighting spell (that's 20K elixir, it better be worth it).

This seems to be working really well.  In the short week that I've been doing this, I've managed to earn enough gold to upgrade 2 of my mortar, an archer tower and canon.  I've also earned enough elixir to upgrade my dark elixir storage to 40K, at which point I plan to gem it full and kick off an upgrade to for my hog riders to level 3.

After the hog riders have been upgraded, I plan to upgrade my giants, wall breakers, goblins, spells, dragons, balloons, in that approximate order.  Somewhere in there, I will also be upgrading my barracks to get P.E.K.K.A. and dark barracks to get the Valkyrie.  Daddy has a vid featuring a no dark elixir attack, using giants, wizards and P.E.K.K.A., also known as the GiWiPe. I could be in for disappointment, as much of his videos feature his TH10 base, but once I have the units, I can take a look, and see if the same theory can be applied for TH8 units.

Anyway, I felt I had to get that build committed to the blog, to help out anyone having trouble with farming at TH8. A relatively quick 21 minute build that doesn't cost much elixir, and can yield pretty good results.