Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Here's to short maintenance windows!

Last night, Guild Wars 2 dropped a new patch for the continuation of the Living Story, called Queens Jubilee.  It's a celebration of the reign of the human Queen Jennah.

Small point of apparent contention.  Typically, a jubilee might refer to 25 or 50 years of something, but it can refer to any season or occasion of rejoicing or festivity.  The milestones of 25 or 50 years will usually get called a silver and golden jubilee respectively.

The GW2 forums announce that there would be a 6 hour maintenance window from 12 AM PST, which was 7 PM AEST for those on the east Australian coast.  After watching a movie, and settling down to try out the new Necromancer class in Torchlight II, I thought I would at least see if the patch that would bring us wallets for currency would be available. Indeed it was.

While the patch was applying, I noticed some more detail in the announcement about other systems that would be unavailable during the maintenance window.  Like logging in to the GW2 forums.  Well, I had done that.  Excitement ensues, and before you know it, I'm logged into GW2 by 9:15 PM!

Some guildies logged in much later, thinking that a 6 hour maintenance window actually means 6 hours.  It's a reasonable assumption, given indoctrination by Blizzard with World of Warcraft maintenance windows, where not only would they take close to all of the maintenance window, but new content would also result in more downtime.

So, for the next few days, it looks like I will be spending some significant time in the Queens Pavilion, either doing the group events, or the 1 vs 1 NPC challenges.  It has highlighted that I need some proper DPS gear for my newly minted level 80 ranger, Synge Pilen (Singing Arrow).  Currently, Synge is outfitted in WvW gear, power/vitality/toughness, which doesn't quite cut it when you need to down a foe in 2 minutes.  There's a good chance that I'm also not using my pet effectively either.

Synge is decked in her PVT outfit due to the generous achievement chests that are given to users every 500 achievement points, limit to one chest per day.  Since I had over 4000 points at the time the achievement chests were released, I was the recipient of enough badges of honor to get a full PVT set.  Ironically, that was released just after I had raised the 500 badges required for the Gift of Battle.  I'm not sure if I'll go for a berserkers or knights set next.  Maybe half and half.  And I'll probably respect to something that deals direct damage, rather than condition damage.

I've had idle thoughts about leveling my Necromancer, having recently picked up an exotic staff with condition damage called Bramblethorn.  Though I think I'll wait until I have a better DPS set for Synge, and the expected changed to magic find become apparent.  That ought to keep me at bay for a month or two.