Thursday, September 13, 2012

Guild Wars 2

With my new baby, who is now almost 13 weeks old, and very interesting work at work, I've had little time for games in the last few weeks.  However, what little gaming time is being had, is being had playing Guild Wars 2.

I never thought that I'd go back to an MMO, after WoW and RIFT, but with Diablo 3 and the up coming Torchlight 2, who am I kidding?  A one off purchase price, plus a cash shop for make lift a bit easier (like bank space), it's almost like Blizzards definition of a single player game, but with a better maintenance schedule.

I'm currently playing a Norn (bloody huge guy) as the Guardian role.  Not surprisingly, he's called Colerejuste, as are most of my paladin types.  The only downside of playing a Norn as the first character is that you have little appreciation of all the NPCs who are also supposed to be bloody huge.  Looking at the loading screens that include images of the Kodan (polar bear people), I keep thinking, "Surely the in game Kodan should be huge as well".  But they are!  Trouble is, Norn are huge as well and the Kodan don't seem that impressive when standing next to them.  Maybe I'll try one of the little folk for the next toon, and complain about loosing myself in the mix of all else that is going on.