Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Night Maintenance

When I stopped playing World of Warcraft, I thought I might be done with Tuesday night maintenance.

But my reward for buying back into the Activision-Blizzard franchise of games, via Diablo 3 is to be gifted with none other than Tuesday night maintenance!

Except this time, it's a Follow Your Own Path Adventure!

That's right. When you attempt to log in, you get an Error 3003 or an Error 75.  The former is supposed to be if the servers are temporarily down, and the later is if the servers are under load.

So, you try to log into your account via the browser.  Apparently, they'll be back soon, and I should check @BlizzardCSEU_EN for updates.  That Twitter account has had one update in 18 hours, and that helpful tidbit is a link to the EU Support page.  For shits and giggles, there also the Australian version and the US version.

Next, let's try the Diablo 3 Server Status page. It shows the apparent status of the Diablo 3 servers for all three regions, plus individual statuses for the different currency auction houses, and hardcore servers.  With the exception of the real money auction houses, they're all up.  But they're not, or I'd be able to log in.

Next stop, the Service Status forum.  This is where scheduled, emergency, and my favourite, the scheduled emergency maintenance notices are posted.  Except the last maintenance notice is for three days ago.

All that's left after that is is the General Forum. Apparently there has been a notice on the Login screen for Diablo 3 all day.  Except it's not there now, when I can't log in, so that's not exactly helpful.

For all the communication channels that Blizzard have put in place, none of the go to places actually have any useful information when it matters most.


  1. Well said. Same issue here.

  2. They _tweeted_ it, which is ridiculous. Why even bother setting up official channels if they don't use them?