Sunday, May 27, 2012


We interrupt this Diablo 3 weekend to bring you some Salem beta.

Salem is a Java based MMO that concentrates on crafting as the main method of progression.  There's another game called Haven & Hearth.  If you're familiar with that, then you'll be familiar with Salem.

So far, it's been all about discovery. Tricky discovery, but discovery nonetheless.  For example, you know you have to craft things, and discover things and before that can happen, you need to gather things.  Except you'll wander around Boston for 30 minutes, discovering that there is nothing there to discover, or craft, or gather.

If you're lucky, there will be some wood chips in some barrels to study.  But don't study too much, or you'll run low on Black Phlegm. The health system in Salem runs on the four humours of old.  Each one is responsible for various jobs you can do in the game.. study, crafting, stamina, etc.  If you run too low, then you may get stuck. Eating certain foods will allow you to regenerate any one of those humours over time.

I joined with one friendly chap, and he suggested I swap my game client for Enders Salem Client.  This client builds on the existing client, and makes certain things easier and more fun.  Particularly, it adds a radar, which is handy for locating things you can gather in your vicinity.

It's still early days for me.  I haven't yet made myself a homestead, or earned any money, so I'll see how far I go.

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  1. You persevered far longer than I did. After Minecraft & Terraria, I'm really dubious of betas that don't have at least the beginnings of their help system factored in. If there isn't enough resources for me to be able to easily experiment, I shouldn't have to rely on wikis to find out how to progress.

    The custom client sounds interesting, though. I should read up on some offline info and give it another try before condemning it all together, as I really want to like it if only for its conceit.