Friday, May 18, 2012

Haven't I Seen You Before?

I was creating my Diablo 3 alts this evening, and my wife came into the study, and looked at the character selection screen.

"That doesn't look like Diablo 3, it looks like WoW", she observed, with a tinge of apprehension.

I don't think I'll end up spending 6000 hours playing Diablo 3 like I did with WoW, but the concern in her voice was warranted.

I'm not past level 15 yet, or out of Act I, but I've gone ahead and have created alts anyway.  Predictably, I've selected names from my WoW characters for the various classes.

Pathak, previously a Night Elf Warrior, ending as a Dwarven Warrior is now a Babarian.

Dubh, once a female Night Elf Druid who had to be renamed an Anion, is now a Demon Hunter.

Chivers was my male Human Frost Mage, appears as Chivas a female Wizard.

Znakharka was my name of choice for female Shaman toons, and now appears as a female Witch Doctor.

Not sure if any of these alts will get much of a look in, but they're there for hand me downs and aesthetics.

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