Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Diablo 3: Initial impressions

Just because, my impressions of Diablo 3.

Firstly, I should point out that I haven't played WoW since the beginning of last year, or was it the year before. I don't know, I don't remember, I don't care to look it up.  It's been a few months since I've played anything resembling an MMO, other than Minecraft.  I've been riding the single player wave.  I also put my pre order in for Torchlight II the moment it was announced.  However, Diablo 3 was only ordered a couple of weeks ago, when someone asked me if I would be playing.

In short, I've gone cold on Blizzard and I wasn't all that enthused about getting Diablo 3.  Until yesterday.

Installation had a couple of hiccups.  I had already downloaded the 7MB installer, which then downloaded the 7GB installer.  So I was just expecting to fire up that baby, and install.  But no, it would show the install screen, and the dialog with the activate or not choice, but then through a error message.  After a bit of digging around in the help, I saw that I needed to download the 7MB installer again, point it to the location of the 7GB installer, and it would download the remaining 50MB and complete the install.  35 minutes later, I was ready to rock.

Then there was the sign in.  Even though there were warnings of loaded login servers, I managed to authenticate, but it declared I didn't have Diablo 3 associated with my account.  This turned out to be because Global Play had not been released yet.  Because my installation was UK English, it defaulted by region to Europe.  From the login screen, I changed my region to the Americas, and was able to log in.

And now to game plat.  So far, I've noted two things.

One, the game isn't the "wet my pants" experience I was expecting. That is, I don't like scary games too much these days due to my imagination (lots of dreams about hacking up hordes of undead things last night) and the emersion. D1 was a little scary, and I didn't get far in D2. I didn't get far in the last Doom game, because of the lighting, and even Bioshock could only be handled in small amounts. So, I was expecting to be jumping out of my skin, but it hasn't happened. So I'm guessing they've toned down the creep factor to cater for the kiddies. I'm not ungrateful for that.

The second is that gold in not scarce. So much so, that I've trained my blacksmith to a point where I can't actually wear the stuff he's crafting. I figure I've already dropped about 10,000 (or perhaps 8,000) into levelling him up. So buying stuff on the AH, real money or otherwise, would either be for vanity, or so I can pick up cheap magical items to scavange and craft something that I really want. (Crafting is a bit of a lottery, with random enchantments on crafted items).

The UI reminds me of WoW in many ways, though it's probably because of the statistics system that is in place.  The nice thing is that I don't feel like rearranging the UI.  Details for stats is there if you need it, but it's only for a cursory glance.  I guess if I get to a point where I get low on health often, or just keep dying a lot, then I'll look at my detailed stats to see how my mitigation vs avoidance is going.

I've started on a Monk, and his name is Colerejuste.  Long time readers might remember my WoW Draenei paladin was also named Colerejuste.  The name still fits the character, and even the accent of the Monk suites the name as well.  No doubt, I'll be recycling names from my other WoW characters as I try out the other classes in D3.

So far, I'm not offended by the game, it is kinda fun and I'll be looking forward to compare with Torchlight II.

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  1. I'll keep one eye on any TL2/D3 comparison you make Reubs. I've not bothered going the D3 path, partly because my play times will overlap with children watching. Hearing that it's not too spooky is a plus, but not enough to convince me to dabble in D3.

    Partly also because I've become wary of Blizzard's immense skill is sucking me into a bottomless pit of time consumption. Let me know if you run into problems with disentanglement? ;)