Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bye Bye, Monster World

Monster World is leaving Google Plus on May 1st.

Whilst many folks would say good riddance to games on Google Plus, this is one pointless click grind that I would miss.

I guess the costs of running on the platform are greater than the money they draw in. Makes me wonder which specific parts of the game made it fail on Google Plus.

Clearly it is a lack of paying customers, otherwise it would be profitable, and allowed to stay. But is the lack of paying customers due to a lack of active players, of which a certain percentage are likely to pay? I have about 35 monster world neighbours, but only 5 or so are active.

Was it that the game was too easy? Zombie Lane is another game I was playing for a while, but the grind kicked it up a notch with the mass release of new zones, turning it into a soul sucking pointless grind, instead of a fun pointless grind.

Is it that Google Plus has failed as a games platform? There was much gnashing of teeth when games were first introduced to Google Plus. There was a fair bit of promotion by Google Plus staff for new games coming on. Though eventually, the promotion settled, and games stuck to it's tab and it'd dedicated stream without infecting the main public stream too much (except for the odd gamer who would copy stuff to the public stream, or turn on email notifications for posts to the game stream). By and large, many folks have come to Google Plus to escape the Zynga posts, and Google Plus has delivered a platform that leaves those folks alone, for the most part. Some Googlers aren't even aware that games exist, although the new Google Plus layout with text under the icons makes it pretty clear.

I'll miss Monster World a little, but not enough to start it on Facebook.