Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bye bye, XFire

I've been using XFire to track my game playing hours since, well, way back when.  I can't quite remember what the earliest entries were.  Perhaps Oblivion, perhaps Fable, perhaps Battlefield 2.  For a long time, the only thing getting tracked was World of Warcraft, but that hasn't racked up any time since the beginning of 2011.

Recently, I've bought Kingdoms of Amalur : Reckoning.  There was a demo released on 27/01/2012, and it was released just last week (09/02/2012).  Thus far, no support from XFire, and not even a word to say that it will be supported.  I'm sure that it will be in time, but the primary reason I use the XFire client is to track game time, and it's no longer doing its job in a timely fashion.

So I've taken a screenshot of my gaming history, and have installed Evolve.  At least it is supporting the game.

There is another one, called Raptr, and it had quite a few more members.  At also tracks XBox game usage, as well, but since I don't have an XBox, I thought I'd try the newer one.

XFire History, QFT.