Wednesday, July 27, 2011

TF2 : Late to the Party

I've only just started playing Team Fortress 2. I'm really late to the party on this one, but it doesn't hamper my enjoyment of it.

It's giving me a PvP experience superior to what I was getting in WoW, for the following reasons:

  • Classes! I can switch between classes whenever I want. Some classes I'm okay at, and some I am not. There's no roles to buy, no duel spec to be concerned with.
  • No Levelling! From the get go, I can jump in and start contributing to the team. There's no levelling.  Sure, there's skill to be concerned with, but it's nothing like the difference between a level 10 and a level 85 in WoW.
  • No Gear Grind!  There's crafting in TF2, and there's a degree of persistence that allows for collection of gear (although the mechanics of that are a little mystery to me, at the moment).  However, there's no immediate gear grind that I have to.  I don't have people on the team inspecting my gear (probably because they can't) and calling me a noob.
  • Instant Gratification!  I can jump on a server, play a few maps, and disconnect. No LFG, no waiting in queues.
  • Low Pings!  Since I can play on servers located in Australia, I get to enjoy 45ms pings.  This makes a big change from the 400ms latency I'd have to endure while playing WoW.
TF2 is going to have my attention for some time, until I have a hankering for some dungeon hack and slash.  At which point, I'll try some more Torchlight, or fork out for Diablo 3, if it's available.

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