Friday, July 01, 2011

It's Gamer Over, Man, Game Over!

A couple of nights ago, I cancelled my RIFT subscription. I hadn't played for what feels like an age, and the desire was just gone. I think it's still active until sometime in October, but for now, I'm over the MMO (until SWO or GW2 is released).

I tried giving LotRO a go on the weekend, firing up my F2P characters I created and played way back when. For the most part, just general confusion. My 3 bags are full, combat was a random smashing of buttons and it seemed like just a bunch of running around. I think that will do me for another couple of months. Maybe I'll drop a bit of money on it, even if it's just to buy some more bag space.

So, for a while, I'll be going back to single player games, or games with less persistence. I downloaded Team Fortress 2 and Assassins Creed II, and played about 3 hours of AC2 last night.

I never made it to the end of AC, but from the intro of AC2, it looks like I didn't miss much, except for a lot of riding between cities and jumping off tall buildings. Maybe there will be more of the same in AC2, but so far, it's been a bit of fun.

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  1. I've actually just gone through the same thing with wow - lost the desire to play so just cancelled and moved on to Single Player games. Although I did buy Rift yesterday as it was so cheap and I fancy a go, most of my time has been devoted to AC1 (I simply can't move on til I've finished it, although I'm desperate to play the Italy-based ones), and TF2 is an exceptionally good waste of time - it's fun, simple, easy AND difficult - it can be whatever you make it to be. If you want someone to shoot stuff with, you can find me on Steam :)