Sunday, July 03, 2011

Assassins Creed 2 : Leave my camera view alone!

I'm having some pretty happy fun times with Assassins Creed 2. Or rather, I was having some pretty happy fun times. Game play, for the most part, is fluid. Quests are interesting, and don't get you bogged down with twitch reflexes too much. Goals are achievable, so far.

I'm taking a 5 minute break at the moment to bitch about AC2 taking control of my camera, and my key mappings.

In certain places, like a tomb, there will be a timed event. You flick a switch, and you've got some unspecified amount of time to make it to the end of the section before whatever door or switch that was opened or reveal disappears again. And that's fine, except for one small feature. Your camera view and key mappings are no longer the same. You get put into a third person camera view that is not of your control. You get stuck having to do keyboard turns, instead of moving the camera to point in the direction you want to go. Forward is maybe forward, unless it's left, or backwards, or left of forward, or whatever arbitrary direction that is least convenient for you.

I'm currently stuck in the Auditore Tomb, with one of these special sequences. There's an initial three jumps that are easy enough, with a small landing, and then a jump on to some narrow archway pillar join. All's fine. It's broken a bit, so you need to move to the left, jump that bit, then launch into a swing and three more jumps to a wooden platform. That bit with the left movement. Well, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes left is some angle the character isn't facing. Really annoying. At that point, if you fall off, you need to start again.

And then to the platform. It's in the corner of the room, and you need to do a 180 degree turn (or maybe 160 degrees), and jump up to a beam, climb it a move on to the next platform. Very doable when the event it's active, when you have control of the camera view. Not so much when it's fixed, and forward is no longer strictly forward. Anyway, I think you get the idea.

Hey, game developers. Suddenly changing the controls of the game is not cool. Now I realise why WoW players, and raiders in particular, get so pissed with vehicular combat in raids. You spend all this time honing your craft, training your fingers to go to certain keys for certain abilities, getting the most out of your DPS, healing, threat generation. Then all of a sudden, you're controlling something else, key mappings for abilities, that are not yours are now completely different, and it's on the critical path to progression in the game. If I want to play with controls set up like that, then I'd have it so it happened all the time.

When I'm done with AC2, I'm hoping to play Assassins Creed : Brotherhood. But if that kind of game play is going to feature, I'll be giving it a swerve.

[Update 1: About 5 minutes after publishing this post, I was able to make it through. Not sure what buttons I pushed, and I'm not sure I could do it again. Hopefully, I won't have to, but then again "hopefully" is one of my magic words]

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  1. I don't know what the hell they were thinking.