Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Idle Thought: Raiding as a spectator sport

There's a discussion going on about raiding being a closed club. I saw it at the Melting Pot first, but I guess by the time it gets there, it's been going on for a few hours, or possibly a day or so first.

While putting together one of my hasty comments that I never really feel hit the mark of what I want to say, my mind drifted to raiding as a spectator sport. If raids were available to watch, would you?

Ha! "If"! Of course they're available. They're on YouTube and other hosting sites. But could I be bothered watching one of those. Every YouTube WoW raiding video I've watched is what I would imagine watching porn through frosted glass would be like. I'm going with that analogy, because I've never watched porn through frosted glass, and I'm not sports motivated. Let's go with a cooking show analogy instead.

Though I wouldn't want to watch just any raid doing it's thing.

Let's flip back to the cooking show analogy for a bit. I like shows like Ready, Steady, Cook. There are minimal contestants. Just two contestants, even though there might be 2 or 3 people at a bench at a time. So it's intimate. Master Chef, or Ramseys Kitchen, or My Kitchen Rules don't do much for me. Too many people, too much blatant competition, too much gaming of the show instead of getting down with the ingredients to make something really good. Though I do like Iron Chef. Again, it's intimate. So if I wanted to watch a raid, I'd want to identify with the players, hear the personalities. I'm more likely to watch a 10 man raid than a 25 man raid. I'd also want to see some sort of visual queue, so that if there is chatter, I can tell who's doing the chatter. I'd want to see lips moving and appropriate gestures.

I also like a little bit of story with the presentation. Whether it be a little bit of background of the career of the people on the show, or the origin of the dish being made. Iron Chef is great for that, and Ready, Steady, Cook has a spectator friendly social side. I'm more likely to watch a raid that I have a personal connection to. I had a friend who raided all the time, and I'd run 5 mans with him and a few of the raiders. Not being available for raids myself, I wouldn't join them, but I'd love to watch their raids.

We also see preparation, which is the most exciting part for me. The "here's one I made earlier" is nice, but seeing stuff actually getting made is great! By the same token, I'd want to see progression raids. I'd want to see raids that result in fail. This is part of the preparation, this is part of the progression. The raiding videos that show a well executed, perhaps one-shot kill are the second most boring raid shot. The most boring is the kill still, showing some boss, lying on the ground with his backside to the camera, and 25 assorted tauren and undead rogues (they could be priests.. they all look the same to me), standing around or mounted up.

Yep, I wouldn't mind seeing a few progression videos that are visually clear, have full audio, are intimate and have a bit of excitement.

But not right now. I have a full season of Supernatural and Stargate Universe to catch up on.