Monday, May 30, 2011

The Witcher 2 : First Sweep

Much to my surprise, I completed my first pass at The Witcher 2 on the weekend. That was really quite unexpected, and short.

It turns out that The Witcher 2 only has a prologue, 3 chapters and an epilogue. I was trying to down the dragon, and was having a really hard time of it. I went around, looking for tips, and saw YouTube videos with titles like "Dragon Final Boss". No, surely not!

But, yes, surely so. Somehow, Chapter 3 was really short, and here I was at the final boss already. Then I noticed the combat log. For each strike, I was doing a pittance of damage. I must have missed some content along the way.

So I restored an earlier save, and went for a bit more of a wander, and behold, I had missed a whole bunch of stuff. For instance, completing the Gargoyle contract will get you diagrams to update your gloves, boots and trousers. There's a guy in the market, a crafter, who will craft you an awesome Silver Sword that will help with that boss fight, but even then, you'll find one that is comparable in a chest (or does he just sell it, I don't quite remember). He'll also craft you an elven steel sword that will kick much butt, but by the time I got there, I didn't really have too many more humans to kill.

Tonight, I'll start a new game, and explore some of the variations and alternate paths. For prosperity, here are some of the major points I did:
Non-dagger throwing swordsman with some points going into magic.
Sided with Iorveth in Flotsam.
Didn't kill the Trolls in Vergen.
Didn't let Sile explode in Loc Muinne (I much prefer that spelling, instead of the more Australian spelling of Sheila).
Didn't kill Saskia.
Didn't kill Letho at the end.
Only got to level 33.

Next time around, I aim to side with Roche, make sure I complete all the quests in Flotsam before moving on, including the asylum and Malena, try and track down the DLC for Trouble with Trolls, perhaps let Sile explode, perhaps kill Letho when I get that chance, use the Kayran trap to help kill the kayran, and try and make it to level 35. I'm definitely going to pick up Quen III as early as I can, since redirecting deflected damage on to your enemies is awesome.

I'm hoping there will be a Witcher 3. There's certainly an opening for it. There's this side quest that Geralt has the whole time with finding out information about Yennefer and the Wild Hunt, but we never actually engage with the Wild Hunt, like we did in the first game. I was hoping for at least another chapter or two, involving a trip into Nilfgaard, tracking and finding Yennefer, and the Wild Hunt. But I guess tracking down space elves is probably grounds for a new game, especially in a game type like The Witcher, where the consequences of your actions can get in the way of effective story telling.

Hey, did I mention there'd be spoilers in this post? That was rather remiss of me, but search engines kinda rend that warning moot.

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