Tuesday, May 03, 2011

So, this is what it's like to be a Cadet

Dubh finally earned her PvP Cadet title on the weekend. That is, she's done a grind through 45K prestige point to get access to 3 new bits of PvP gear, and had a new grind of 90K prestige points to get to Rank 3 for the next tier of gear.

As a partial response to The Eye of the MMO Hurricane, I'm also feeling the lull.

Currently, RIFT does not seem to be the place for Warfront PvP for me.

Firstly, there's doesn't seem to be much in the way of a PvP guild keep Oceanic times on the Defiant side, on the Nyx shard that meets with what I want out of a guild, socially. That is, there is at least one guild there, but they condone AFK favor leeching. That's not something I can abide by. Most of the other guilds are US based, or just really immature in their guild advertising. I'm really not interested in rerolling to another shard, so I'm going to have to look down other avenues.

The next thing in PvE and instances. I've still not done any instances, aside from that initial Iron Tomb, way back when. But if I'm going to do anything about better gear between now and the next 90K prestige grind, PvE instances are going to have to be it.

Some profession advancement also relies on PvE, especially butchering, which required expert instances to be able to skill up enough to process Ironhide.

There are still 5 months or so left on the current subscription, at the founders rate, so we'll see where Trion takes PvP in that time.

I did check out Wurm Online on the weekend. I was curious after seeing the comparison between it, and Minecraft as sandbox games with online aspects. I made it through the tutorial and to the docks, but there was something about all the right and double clicking that I didn't like. Maybe I'll have another go at it, when I get bored with RIFT again. Maybe I will end up back in WoW in 6 months, honor grinding Pathak, and perhaps joining an Oceanic PvP guild.

Maybe I'll just loose myself in Witcher 2 for a few weeks.


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