Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hinny the Guardian Mage

Increasingly despondent with the queue times for WFs on Nyx during my typical play time, I decided to have another hunt for what is dubbed at the unofficial Oceanic shard for RIFT.

And I found this article at ausMMO, declaring Wolfsbane for PvE, Briarcliff for PvP and Faeblight for RP.

This time around, I've decided to try for a Mage, who has one healer spec (the Chloromancer), and as many DPS specs for various purposes as you can get your hands on.

For added variety, I've also decided to play the Guardian storyline as a female High Elf named Hinny. During the week, I've made it as far as level 17, and this time around, I'm going to try and "do it right".

How does one "do it right"? Well, last time, only ran one instance, the starter Defiant instance. And I didn't try any warfronts until I hit level 50. This time around, I'm going to do the instances at level, and while I'm not doing instances, I'm going to be queued for warfronts while questing. When I finally get to 50, I'll be familiar with all the fights, and hopefully had a whole bunch of favor, or at least a bunch of prestige under my belt. Then I'll be ready to run experts after buying or crafting a few items, or scoring them from the later instances.

Hinny will be levelling Butchering, Outfitting and Runecrafting as her professions. Butchering is fairly handy for Outfitting, which will in turn, help with Runcrafting, and will also provide a bit of income from the AH.

Initially, Hinny will be running with what seems to be a PvP cookie cutter soul combo of Necro, Warlock and Dominator (for Transmogrify). I'll probably be adopting a second role involving Chloromancer, so I can do support or even main healing, if required.

It's a Sunday afternoon, at the moment, and the downside of having one unofficial Oceanic PvP realm is that it's very popular. When I started writing this bit, I was about 405 in the queue to get entry to the shard and had about an hour to wait. 20 minutes later, I'm 276 in the queue, and still have another 44 minutes to wait.

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