Friday, April 01, 2011

Where's the WoW stuff?

This post, brought to you by a though provoking post at MMO Melting Pot, Is There Such A Thing As Being Too Loyal To A Game?.

I think I have a sum total of 14 people subscribed to this blog.  It's really only for me, recording my progress as I make my way through AzerothTelara.

Heh.  As the blog name may suggest, I used to play WoW.  Now I don't.  I've moved on to RIFT.  It appeals to my play style, and in this early phase of the game, guild structures also seem to appeal to my play style.. that is, leveling, PvP, not a lot of serious raiding.

I still read alot of WoW news, must mostly through MMO Champion and personal blogs.  I've dropped a few of the more serious WoW centric blogs from my Reader, like WoW Insider and World of Matticus.  WoW Insider has too many articles that I don't find relevant any more, and the matters of guild management and healing management, and even raid strategy found on WoM aren't relevant to me either.  I've also canned my general subscription to Massively, but still pick up their RIFT specific things. Three cheers for blogs with category based RSS feeds!

Anyway, I'm one of those players who defected to RIFT. Not because I hate WoW, but simply because it has run it has its course.

I used to think that WoW was forever.  It had solo content, battlegrounds, dungeons to run with your friends and those things called raids, which remained somewhat out of my reach for most of my WoW career.  But then the friends left, or played as sporadically as I did.  My lifestyle changed, and no longer could I play for 35 hours a week, do work and maintain a relationship.  I eventually played every class the game had to offer.  Somewhere along the line, I lost interest in levelling yet another toon on a PvP server, just so I could play in a guild that was actually populated with active players.  Even then, that guild closed up shop and moved on.

So, after playing WoW for almost 5 years, and clocking up over 6383 hours (as recorded by XFire),  I'm now 72 hours into RIFT having clocked in 22 hours this week (and it's Friday morning).  These days, my play times are typically 10pm to midnight, for most nights, though this last week, I've been a little naughty, staying up until 12:30am or 1:00am.

Even if you don't play RIFT, stick around, read the stories, watch the horror.  It's interesting times, and I've got a front row seat in the MMO war theatre, where we get to see if RIFT can survive as an MMO unto itself, and perhaps go forth to be a worthy competitor for WoW.  I've got a dodgy camcorder, and you're welcome to peruse whatever I manage to capture in words.

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