Thursday, April 21, 2011

Up front with the Warfronts

Well, so much for instances. With most of the guild running experts, and time online being that unpredictable beast that it is, I've decided to go for PvP for enjoyment and the gear upgrade. To be honest, warfronts were my intention when I first purchased RIFT anyway, though now it's being done with a healer/dps instead of a shield bashing warrior. Still, since I won't be getting any new PvP gear for at least 3 weeks, I can concentrate on the skill aspect.

Last night, I noticed awesome improvements in my PvP play as a Warden/Sentinel healer. I'm preloading the most likely fang holder with the rolling stacking HoT, I'm using some of my attack skills to silence casters and knock back casting casters or melee that are going after the fang holder. The AoE heals are going well, and I'm getting better at my other HoTs.

I've even manage to pick up the fang myself, and last 1 minute and 19 seconds before dying, though that really is a team effort with the other team members healing me as well.

Codex is starting to make sense as well.. hold the Codex point, then go after the other targets.

I even managed a successful run of the shard in Whitesteppes (I think that's what it is called).

Life at level 50 has become this : Log in, check mail box for AH sales, grab warfront daily, do warfronts. Between warfronts, head out to Shimmersand. Do Dragonslayer dailies. Do RIFT events if there is one going out there. That usually lasts the 2 or 3 hours I have to play of an evening.

Oh, and I got my epic mount. 110% land speed, baby!

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