Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spec change for Dubh, and RIFT PvP

One the weekend, I had a thought to do something more useful with Dubhs third zero-point soul.  She was working with Justicar / Sentinel / Purifier, and it was becoming clear that this Cleric build was never going to be an instance healer.  So I swapped Purifier for Druid to get access to the pet Fae that will heal and attach along side you.

That was pretty cute, but then I went one step further, and dropped Sentinel for Shaman.  As it happens, the Shaman would appear to have stronger attacks than the Justicar, but I do like the survivability of the shield wielding Justicar, and the usefulness of the block buff.  As a result, my rotation has changed somewhat.  Now, I make sure if have 4 points in conviction for emergency heals, through a shield bash in for increased block, and generally spam the shaman DoT and instance damage abilities, for a lot more health back that I was getting with Justicar.  The downside is that I no longer have any direct heals, but that seems to be okay so far.

Last night, I had my first RIFT PvP experience.  I was about level 27 and questing around the northern end of the Scarlet Gorge.  I had grouped with a rogue who had a pet boar.  I'm inclined to say hunter, but I'm not familiar with the rogue souls, so it could have had some other name.  Anyway, he was level 29. We were scooting pretty quickly through the quests, when all of a sudden my action bars went dead, and I was hit with a debuff that I vaguely recall being "All hope is lost", or perhaps it was just "Lost Hope".  Either way, a few seconds later, I was cactus.

I had fallen victim to a Guardian gank.  A lvl34 and 2 lvl29s were having a bit of a romp in the general vicinity, and decided to give us a bit of hassle.  After the third gank, I was ready to log, but we tried one more time to complete our quests, with success.

I've heard that PvPers hate clerics.  Apparently, we're overpowered and really hard to pull down.  I guess I'm playing the wrong way, because I only had time for 2 hits before I was sliced to shreds, against that lvl34.  I guess this is the point of PvP.  Be ready for anything at any time, even ganking and griefing by goons that are 5 levels or more above you.

Tonight will be a bit of a maintenance night.  That is, I'll be putting a hold on levelling via questing in favour of getting my butchering up to speed so I can actually collect things in Scarlet Gorge (seem to need at least level 85 in butchering), and helping out the guild quest of closing 100 rifts so we can get to guild rank level 2.

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