Monday, March 14, 2011

Pathak of Nyx

I'd like to introduce Pathak of Nyx.  He's not moved to a new realm, he's been made flesh in a new dimension, in particular, the Planes of Telara.  That's right, I've jumped on the RIFT bandwagon.

Pathak has taken the form of a Bahmi Warrior.  Currently, he embodies the soul of the Paladin, Void Knight and Reaver, although he's sticking to Paladin as much as possible, with excess points spilling into Void Knight.  I've decided to go with this spec, since I was very much enjoying the sword and board antics of a PvP Prot Warrior in WoW.  The RIFT Paladin seems to reflect a WoW Prot Warrior more than a WoW Prot Paladin, with my primary focus on giving things a backhand with the shield.  Eventually, I'll be dropping the Reaver soul, and will take up a PvP soul.  However, it's very early days, and from what I've read, there may be opportunity for some sort of stored spec facility, where I can swap between different Soul configurations.

Pathak is currently level 14 (or 15, I forget, it was very late when I finished up last night), and is enjoying his jaunts around Freemarch.  Nyx is a PvP server, though there hasn't been much PvP to speak of yet, aside from the occasional Guardian invasion, which is usually an elite NPC followed by a bunch of lackeys, tearing up your country side.

It's early days with Professions, too.  So far, I've picked up mining and armorsmithing.  I've also seen herbing, butchering, and weaponsmithing.  I'm going to assume that there's some sort of tailoring, cooking and leatherworking, and perhaps even jewelcrafting, since I came across some shiny gems.  I'm going to keep my options open for that third profession until I've seen a lot more of Freemarch.

But I do want to mention Salvaging!  It's an awesome ability for a character to basically deconstruct certain items, like armour, into base crafting materials.  It certainly beats the pants of Disenchanting!

I'm having fun wandering around and discovering things in game, rather than alt-tabbing to a wiki or community site.  Eventually, I'll probably start looking external information when I start dying a lot.

The RIFT UI seems pretty nice, and is fairly usable in it's current form.  I'm not sure that I'd want for any addons, should they be available.  I haven't done any instances yet, so I'm not sure what happens with threat meters.  One of the nice features of the UI is the layout editor.  With this, I can change the position of various frames on the screen. You can also scale individual frames.  From the Display menu, there is a global scale, if the whole display seems a bit big.  Also go searching for options to make the additional action bars appear on the screen.  It probably won't be long before I change my RIFT UI to look more like my WoW UI, with my unit frame, target frame and target of target frame as the base of the screen, next to the action bars.

I'm not sure about how many alts I will, or can have.  I'll be creating a healing cleric at some stage, and maybe switching between the two, to take advantage of the rested bonus xp mechanism.

For all the reports that RIFT is like WoW, I'd go so far as to say, it resembles DDO and LoTRO as well, especially with the UI and professions.  Then again, that may just be a reflection of my limited MMO experience.  Fours years spent in one MMO, with limit experience in other MMOs such as Guild Wars, DDO, LoTRO and Battle of the Immortals does not an expert make.  Eitherway, I'm having fun in a new game with new mechanic and am actually taking time to read the quest text!

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