Saturday, March 05, 2011

Just Joker-ing

Once again, I got bored with PvP on Pathak. Not so much bored with the PvP, but a little lonely that there was no one else in the guild, online, that also liked to do a bit of PvP. It doesn't help that I usually only play from 10pm to midnight, but there you go.

So I took a visit back to Barthilas to complete leveling Misnomer to 85, and perhaps level Chewychop, my fledging goblin warrior, because, you know, I want to do some more prot warrior PvP.  Prot Warrior PvP for battlegrounds is in a really good place right now, although I don't know how that will be when 4.1 gets released, given am increase in the cooldown of Spell Reflection from 10s to 25s.

Anyway, the guild I'm in on Barthilas is Joker.  The guild leader was taking a long break when I first joined during one of their random recruiting drives.  For a while, before Cataclysm, it was quite fun.  There was always a bit of banter on guild chat, and people doing this and that.  I think the plan was that things would "kick in" when Cataclysm hit and there would be raiding (and cake).  There was even a guild launch event to level like mad buggers on Cataclysm launch day.  Being a bit of a world PvP chicken, and also having to contend with long realm queues, just to log in, I contented myself with Aman'Thul at that point.

Anyhoo, I'm back on Barthilas, slowly getting through the levels (via Hyjal, Deepholme and Uldum), and then I log in one day to see a guild notice: "joker no longer active, active joker members encouraged to join Tricky".  Sad face.  For an inactive guild, it's not a bad place to be, if you ignore to lack of people online at any one time (or perhaps just when I'm on).  At the time of the message, it was a level 13 guild, and Misnomer was half way through Friendly, and nearly at my weekly guild rep cap.

So earlier this week, the night following maintenance, and the resetting of the guild rep cap, I put a bit of an effort into getting Honored with the guild, before it shut down.  And why?  Worn Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape, is why.  Misnomer did a little farting around with the Argent Tournament, but not enough to end up getting some BoAs to help with leveling.  This cape will do Chewychop just fine, as she makes here way through the new, yet old content.

So now Chewychop has a BoA cape.  And Dubh has the +int one as well.  I haven't bothered picking up the agi one, although if I ever do level my horde hunter, I'll get honored with another guild, assuming Joker has been dismantled, or I'm no longer in that guild.

Which brings me to my dilemma.  Joker just hit level 14, with the few people that are still leveling in it.  That's a 10% increase in tradeskill points, on top of the rep and honor bonuses that are available.  I don't mind the solo play, since I've been doing it for close on 5 months now, and 10% honor bonus would come in really handy if I even do get to 85 with Chewychop.  Should I stay or should I go?

At the moment, I think I'll stay, until at least 4.1, when Looking For Guild tools are introduced.  I haven't really taken too much notice of the interface, but I think there are basic things like PvP, Leveling and Casual, which is pretty much my style of play.  Chewy is only getting 1 point of guild rep per quest at the moment, so it's no great loss , if I don't leave Joker and join with another guild.

To Windsoar, With Love.  Thanks for the passive prod to put a post up.  Maybe I'll give those other guides a good read, and do something about that white on black rendering.

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