Monday, March 14, 2011

Dubh of Nyx

I'd like to introduce my second RIFT character that I've been playing this week, Dubh of Nyx.

Much like her previous WoW counterpart, Dubh is a female elf, of the Kelari tribe.  Anion used to be called Dubh when she lived on Malygos.  Dubh of Nyx is a cleric, and is currently a Justicar with minor participation as a Sentinel and Purifier.  As Dubh starts to get more access to the other souls and multiple talent builds, she may decide to even become a Druid, just as she was on Malygos and Aman'Thul.

Justicar is a pretty fun soul to play.  It's a melee healer, which means I get to get in on the action, casting my offensive spells to build up Conviction.  As I cast each heal, my Conviction count drops, so I have to temper my heals with a rotation of attacks to make sure I always have some sort of healing available.  Dubh is only at level 15, at the moment, and hasn't wandered into the PvP zones yet.  Freemarch is a pretty good place to try out the Justicar soul.

A big part of RIFT is participation in closing rifts, shutting down footholds and chasing off invasions.  And one of the great things about RIFT is the Public Group.  If you see a rift open on the map and there are people anywhere in the vicinity, you get a Join Public Group button at the top of the screen, then can join up and participate!  Rifts tend to have several stages, with different goals.  Usually it's always kill the bad guys, but occasionally there's a time limit.  For each stage, depending on your participation, you get Planarite as a currency, and if you collect enough of that, you get to trade it in for rare armour and weapons.

Anyway, one of the things you'll want to do, as a cleric, during a rift event, is heal a bunch of people all at once.  And for this, we have the Sentinel soul.  So far, I have minimal points in my Sentinel soul, and no points in my Purifier soul.  However, even with that, I have a group heal that will heal up to 10 people in my immediate vicinity.  I'm fairly certain Purifier gives me a basic heal that will heal a single person, and Justicar gives me a self heal, a damage reducing/absorbing shield (like PW:S) and the ability to self heal on melee strikes (a very weak Seal of Light that applies just to me).

That's a pretty good range of healing abilities, and seems to suit really well for the starter area.  However, when I move into the contested zones, I may have to step up my game.  I'll also need to consider different builds for battlegrounds (PvP/Sentinel), and for instances (Purifier/Sentinel).

Currently, I just tend to mention two trees.  At these lower levels, you tend to become jack of all trades, master of none, if you spread too evenly.  At later levels, when points for soul allocation before plentiful, I'll be more likely to introduce points to the third tree for extra utility, or adding basic shifts in stats and abilities.

I'm actually finding my time as a cleric more enjoyable than a warrior, so I may end up sticking with that for a while longer.

At this point, I've picked up Foraging, Apothecary and Butchering as my professions.  I may end up dropping Butchering and take up Runecrafting, but I need to have a bit more of a look and see what it's all about.

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