Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pathak is back

It's been a quiet time on the blogging front, so I thought it's about time I putting some pixels to textarea before the month is out.

Way back at the start of the month, I had some ideas to write about.  But I've forgotten most of them.

The only one that comes to mind is how much of leveling and killing machine a combat rogue can be in Cataclysm when they've spec'd into Deadly Momentum.  Perhaps the same is true for assassination rogues, but I don't have much experience in that.  The first mob gets your slice and dice up to the full length, the second gets your recuperate up to the full stack, and from then on, run from mob to mob, killing, healing, killing, healing, usually with 15 seconds on the clock to get that next kill done.

Now, I did manage to get Col to 85.  I even had a little fun with Fidgette and Benzol, but these days, most of what WoW has to offer is now not really what I'm after.  Before I go too much further, here's the update list:

  • Anion 85
  • Pathak 85
  • Colerejuste 85
  • Benzol 81
  • Fidgette 81

So, I got Col to 85 via Prot, then started doing the ore grind to level Pathaks black smithing.  Then at some point, it all got too much, so I just stopped and went back to basics.  And basics is Pathak, a sword and board and a whole bunch of PvP in the BGs.

Pathak is a Knight-Lieutenant, don't you know.  That meant something back in the day.  That meant I had a good try at the crazy PvP BG ladder back in Vanilla.  That meant that before I went to work in the morning, I was running whatever BG I could get into.  And then when I got home, I did it again, before dinner, after dinner, on weekend, etc.  Basically, I had no life for however many weeks to took to get that far.  And then something happened.  It might have been the TBC release, and the ladder was gone and my highest title attained was assigned to me personally.  Sure, it's not the highest ranked title, but it's something better than Private.

These days, Knight-Lieutenant means little.  The rockstars of the PvP world are the arena duelists.  But I'm not doing BGs for titles.  I'm doing it because it's fun, and there's nothing else left in WoW for me.  I did read up on the Blackrock Caverns bosses.  I could probably tank those quite soundly.  Not sure if I have the gear for heroics, probably not.  But I'd be fine with normals.  And then I had a quick scan of how many other new instances there are.  Oh gods, screw that.  I'm not going to bother to learn to tank umpteen dozen other bosses and their uppity trash just for the delayed gratification of some PuG DPS meters.  If the guild had a few more active players, and we could do guild runs, then I probably would, but I'm not going to waste my time, and others, by learning these fights with PuGs.

So I'm doing what's left, which is PvP in BGs, with Pathak.

This time around, he's gone Prot.  Pathak used to do a bit of Prot Arena back in TBC. He wasn't very good at it.  He's a bit better now.  Prot PvP for Warriors is really quite fun.  I suppose I should give some thanks to the Warrior Prot PvP guide on MMO Champion.  His guide set expectations of being a tactical strategist, rather than a DPS meter topper.  And that's pretty much what I do.  I rush in, and debuff everything I can. Thunderclap, Demo shout, sunder, concussion, bash, shield slam, spell reflect, heroic leap, hamstring, rend, frenzied regen, lifeblood and command shout.  Three stances and more abilities than you can shake a stick at (or even map to your keyboard and access with one hand).

I make life as difficult as possible for as many Horde as I can.  I particularly like Devastate.  It cuts through plate quite nicely, allowing other melee based DPS to deliver bigger hits.

I also like Spell Reflect.  Ah, you, frost mage, I do believe this frost bolt was yours, no? The follow up with a Charge/Intercept, Concuss, Sunder, Sunder, Sunder, Bash, weaved in with Heroic Strikes, Shield Slams and a Hamstring to try stop him running away.

Rogues used to be the death of me.  Not sure about Deathknights, because I hadn't done much PvP with Pathak after WotLK was introduced.  But I've had some really good experiences with going head to head with these guys in the BGs.  After the sunders are up, their health steadily goes down, while mine stays nicely up.  And even if they do get me half way, which is wont to happen when a buddy joins, I top up with a Frenzied Regen and a Life Blood.  I guess it could only be sweeter if Pathak was a Dranei, instead of a Dwarf.  I guess I should put stone form on the action bar somewhere, for some extra melee mitigation.

I just hit a small goal this evening, just before shutdown.  The Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Plate Shoulders.  That's an extra 400 resilience on top of the 158 that it comes with.  Before, I had 8% damage reduction from resilience.  Now I have 14%, and it's just going to get better (although harder) as I slowly make my way through the honor grind and collect the rest.

Now, one of the side effects of not doing instances, and not doing arena is a lack of points. Justice and Conquest points, that is.  I'm collecting 25 conquest points a day, via the daily random BG.  I've for 175, so far.  The cheapest thing in my reach on the Conquest table is the resilience shield, which is 950 conquest points.  That's another 31 days worth of daily random BGs.  Crikey!

Anyway, I'm getting into TL:DR territory.

Pathak is back, and he's doing PvP BGs as a Prot Warrior, because it's fun.  More on my PvP experiences in the days and weeks ahead.