Monday, December 13, 2010

New Mechanics in Questing

I've got a friend who used to be a mad WoWer.  He did the raiding thing, he had multi-boxing going on, but he managed to manage his RL around WoW time fairly well.

A few months ago, he decided to take a break for a bit, after earning his Kingslayer.  So far, he's not been seen in game, but he did send this along to an email discussion list.

This sparked a comment on some of the same-sameness being a little different, due to phasing, and some of the more interesting questing mechanics used in the game.

Here's a little list of questing mechanics that I found interesting.  I'll try not to detail the actual quests, to avoid spoilers for those not found.
  • Using ropes to abseil cliff faces.
  • Flying mount jousting (doesn't really resemble AT jousting at all)
  • Land mounts provided to quick return to a quest hub from the front lines (for low level toons)
  • Threat bot that goes ka-blooey!
  • Seahorse rodeo
  • Sated bear hair yoinking
  • Lots more phasing!

That's just a short list.  I haven't made it to 85 yet, let alone 82.  There may be other new quest mechanics that I've seen in the game, but I've either forgotten, or it might not have been that interesting.  No doubt that a few of these mechanics might be primers for raid encounters.

This is probably something better covered by the likes of the Melting Pot, but what are your favourite new quest mechanics?

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