Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Let me introduce two new characters to my growing list of toons.

First created last night, after waiting for a modest time for the Barthilas queue to subside, is Chewychop, a female Goblin Warrior who will level as Arms.  I only made it to level 5 before getting stranded on the Lost Isles and then scooting off to make dinner.  The time taken to get to level 5 for Goblins did seem to take a lot longer than it did for Worgen.  When I came back from dinner, the Barthilas queue was in the 2500 range, so off to Aman'Thul I wandered.

I did want to call the goblin Missymoo, after my pet cockatiel, but than name was unavailable, so I went with Chewychop, which is another name we give her.  In fact, she has alot of nicknames, and she answers to just about all of them. Missy Moo, Moo Poo, Pa-Chewy Chop and Chewy, or even just Chop.

The queue for Aman'Thul was only 400 or so, and dissipated after 8 minutes or so.  I created my Worgen Druid.  I was going to call him something like Greyfang or Blackfang or Redfang, but they were all taken.  So I hit the random name, and ended up on Crow as a random suggestion.  I settled on Crowfoot.  Not as cool as Ravensclaw, but it was available and still kinda fits for a druid.

I was given a key for the beta, but the only participation I had in it was the Worgen intro as a Warlock, and some leveling in Hyjal as a Balance Druid.  Note to self: remove my beta flags on my account.  So the Worgen leveling process was fairly familiar.  It was only after getting to level 6 did I remember I had a few heirloom items, and a full complement of 22 slot Glacial bags for Crowfoot.

Crowfoot will be leveling as Balance.  With Starsurge available early on, plus situational spells like Thorns doing alot more damage, Balance is viable for leveling from the get go.  I'll probably maintain a bear set for him, and make that his offspec, but it will be bear only.  I'm not going to bother with a cat set.

There were a few choke points that were particularly annoying.  The most annoying one was The Hungry Ettin.  Here's a little tip: Once you're on a horse, and you've roped your second, go and hand them in.  The Noose ability will only make one horse follow you at a time.  If you try to grab another, you'll let your noosed horse go.

The other choke points were the two undead captains (which were easy with Tab and a hot key to moonfire), and Grandmas Cat.  The Cat was a little harder, because you had to click the cat to start it, target the undead guy (who could not be auto targeted on the initial spawn), and then get in quick with whatever auto cast you have.  Moonfire came in handy again, but it took a while.

I ended up getting through the whole Worgen intro line to Darnassus in 15 levels.  I'm not sure if that was intentional.

I was hoping to have an early night, so I'm rested for my Tae Kwon Do grading tonight (i.e. bed at 11:30pm), but I was struggling to find a place to stop at an inn, during the leveling process. Ended up going to bed at 12:30am, instead.

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