Thursday, December 30, 2010

In which progress is progressy

This Christmas break period has been full of surprises, one of which is the fun zone that is Uldum.

Uldum has been my favourite zone to date.

I've done Hyjal twice, and am in the middle of doing it for a third time.  It's not too bad, and is a bit a of a treat for those that like lore, and the revival of the ancients.

That under sea area that I can never spell, because I can never remember how to pronounce it properly, it possibly the most boring.  I've done that twice now, and am not looking forward to doing it again. The end sequence with sitting in the sub, and just following the uber shaman around is a little boring.  I wouldnt mind a skip button for that section, if there's nothing really interactive to do (like fire a ships harpoons).

I've done Deepholme once. That was fairly interesting, but nothing to write home about.  Due to the shoulder enchants, at least one of my toons will be making return trips for the dailies, when I get sick of leveling.

I've yet to complete the Twilight Highlands.  So far, I've dinged 85 twice, while doing that zone, and I've stopped to move on to the next toon.  I'm sure I'll go back and finish when I want some more quest gold.

So, the first surprise was getting my first toon to 85.  That was Anion.  The second surprise was discovering that Arms is very fun to play.  The third surprise was Uldum, and the Harrison Jones quest line.  It's my favourite quest line to date.  With Pathak, I went through Hyjal, Vash, Uldum and then straight to Twilight Highlands. And the final surprise was actually getting Pathak to 85.  I really thought he'd be one of my last toons to make it through.

Now I'll be sending Col through the gauntlet.  Except, I'll be leveling Col the rest of the way as Protection, and if I can put myself through the ringer, I may even run some instances with him.  I've yet to run any instance, and I've still not done my homework to read up on them.

  • Anion 85
  • Pathak 85
  • Colerejuste 82 

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