Monday, December 20, 2010

In which progress is linear

Last week, some good progress was made on leveling, and I discovered that Arms is actually a pretty fun spec to play. Anion, Pathak and Crowfoot stole most of the leveling limelight, with a short stint for Chewychop and Blackthorn.

Anion has now completed Hyjal and Vashj'ir, and Pathak has completed Hyjal.  Comparing the two zones, Hyjal is remembered as being the more fun.  It's probably because Hyjal doesn't seem to drag on, and it has a happy ending.  Where as Vashj'ir seems to go on and on, especially since there's still a bit of backwards and forwards traveling across parts of the zone, with only one or two of the discovered flight points actually being of use.

What I've really noticed about questing this time is the linear aspect.  Old Azeroth, Outland and some parts of Northrend had an illusion of choice, with regards to storyline progression and questing.  In each zone, there would be two or three quest hubs that you could do a variety of quests from.  Sometimes you didn't do all of them, sometimes they had you traveling all over the place.  This time, there's not a lot of that happening.  It's not necessarily a bad thing, although there are likely to be complaints from those who want it all.  The saving grace of the linear questing is the storyline that opens up, and eventually leads us to the next zone, or an instance that we can participate in.

Col, despite being really close to 81, hasn't dinged yet.  He's been logging in every day, and doing his JC daily quests.  My only complaint with the JC quests is the micro economy that has been created around it.  So far, I've only come across two JC dailies, and have had those two repeated.  The first requires no actual gems to be cut.  You just need to target 10 humanoids and spray them with something sparkly.  The second involves cutting 3 zepherites to solid zepherites.  There must only be a limited number of JC quests, and they don't cover all the uncommon gems, because those zepherites are going to 100g each on the AH, with the cut solid zepherites only going for 9g.  Somehow, that just doesn't seem right.  Now, since the quest actually requires you to cut the gem and hand it in, and since perfect cuts don't count towards the gem hand in (but they do for the cut), most sensible folks will either buy or mine the ore themselves and prospect.  A few dopey buggers might buy the uncut gems for 300g, if they're really short on time, and just want to get the tokens so they can learn the new rare cuts.  I'm not sure if epic cuts have been released yet. 

Anyway, I'd like to see the bottom drop out of that skew on the AH.  Either the requirement to cut the gem yourself should be abandoned, or there should be JC dailies for all of the uncommon gem types and the quest distribution should be even.

The summary of leveling is as follows:

  • Anion 83
  • Pathak 82
  • Colerejuste 80 (almost to 81, still)
  • Blackthorn 80 (barely started)
  • Crowfoot 21
  • Chewychop 8

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