Monday, December 13, 2010

Cataclysm Toon Update

Here's something I haven't done in a while.  It's a toon update!  I have so many alts, and during WotLK, while I was leveling them, I would post the weekends progression as a toon update, and then stick a wetted finger in the air, and give a forecast of what I might decide to do next.

Barthilas has been really busy.  With the release of Cataclysm, alot of players have returned and the realm is in a constant state of Locked, and has queue times that I just can't be bother dealing with.  So for the moment, Misomer, Dubh, Petitemorte, Chewychop and the rest will be on hold until the realm goes back to a status of High.  Note to self: Log in sometime in the next 10 days, and clear out the mail, just in case.

So, it looks like I'll be spending most of my time on Aman'Thul, again.

With this release of WoW, I'll not be raiding again.  I'll be sticking to heroics and BGs, and lots of questing and crafting.  As a result, there's no gear curve to be racing against, so I'll be taking my time with leveling, spreading the love and making the most of rested bonus XP.

You can see my full list of alts at WowHead.  I'll only mention the alts that I've actually done something with, from the last time I made a toon update.

Anion and Crowfoot have been getting the most attention, closely followed by Colerejuste, and then some curiosity leveling for Pathak.

Anion is going to be my Balance/Resto combo, and Crowfoot will be Balance/Bear.  Both alts will maintain a Bear outfit, just in case.  Both are skinners and leather workers, though I'm not sure how much I'll be concentrating on leveling leather working for Crowfoot.  I'll skin as I go along, and make what I can with what I've got, but the full leveling will probably only happen as I move from Vanilla to Outland to Northrend and then back again.

Col will level as Ret and run dungeons as Prot, and will be actively leveling his mining and jewelcrafting.  JC dailies require a bit more effort this time, with most quests requiring gems to be cut and handed in.

Pathak got a bit of love last night.  I wanted to see how Arms was again.  And the experience was interesting.  It's going to take a little while to get back into the groove of leveling a toon without a quick escape, although at least there's a little self healing available with his herbalism bonus and frenzied regeneration.

The overhead of picking up a level 80 and doing something with it is probably a bit more gold than I'm willing to throw away all at once.  First, you've got to train for your new spells and passive abilities, such as the armour specialisation and mastery.  Then you better pick up your flight masters license, or Hyjal is going to be very tough.  Then you have to train in the next level for your professions.  That all costs a pretty penny.  So for the moment, toons like Benzol, Bojsen, Blackthorn, Fidgette and Nevynoch will be waiting by the side lines, leveling their crafting if excess materials become available.

The summary of leveling is as follows:
  • Anion 81
  • Colerejuste 80 (almost to 81)
  • Pathak 80 (barely started)
  • Crowfoot 18

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