Wednesday, October 20, 2010

[Spoiler Alert] Deathwing lands in SW, unopposed.

Spoiler.  Three words:

Elemental Invasion. Evacuation.

Sorry to those reading via RSS.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's in a name?

I've had a post from Windsoar sitting, unread and starred in my Reader for almost a week now.  Finally, as I wait for WoW 4.0.1 to install (it's almost been an hour now), and have grown a little bored of listening how APB failed, I've decided to follow up with how I've come up with names for a few of my toons.

(Oh. the new installer just came up!)

(And nuts, there's another 1.4GB to download after that 4.76GB I had already preloaded)

When I first bought WoW, it was to play the game with a good friend of mine.  He had a whole bunch of his friends already playing, but I ended up getting it about 2 weeks before he did, and ended up creating a couple of toons around the place.  I had a troll called Zulanu on a PvP Oceanic realm, and a gnome rogue somewhere else that made it to level 13.  Eventually I found out that the crew were playing on Malygos as Alliance, so off I went to join and start my first WoW toon on a realm that I would stick with for some time.

And I chose my words carefully there, since Nevynoch, my Night Elf Hunter and first toon on Malygos, would only make it to level 13, before being discarded for my next toon who would be my main for the remainder of Vanilla.

The name Nevynoch was actually, originally intended to be Nevyn.  It's a name I'd picked up in a fantasy book that I don't recall the title of.  I think there was another character in that book called Malouf, and that's a name that has stuck with me for some time, though I haven't tried creating a toon with it yet.  Anyway, disappointed that Nevyn was taken on Malygos, I tacked an "-ock" sound on the end, in the form of "-och".  If I think about it too much, I could say that it was intentional, and the "-noch" was for nocking an arrow, or that a similar spelling of noche was Spanish for night, as in Night Elf.  But no, Nevynoch was just an effort to get a name that has stuck with me through any game I ever had to put a name to, the most popular being Quake II.

My next character, who was intended as a companion to my friend, and who ended up leveling with him and a complete stranger, almost all the way to 60, was a Night Elf Warrior named Pathak.  My friend started a Druid called Zaraq, and initially, Druids seemed a little squishy to me, so I went with a Warrior.  I probably could have stuck with my original hunter, or gone with a druid as well and played as Feral with a bent for bearing up, but what's done is done and I had fun doing it. 

Pathak was named after the sound of an axe lodging or glancing off the back of ones head.  Say it with me.. Paaaa -THAK! It seemed to fit with his Arms spec and the occasional tanking that he would do throughout Azeroth. 

One thing that I did get confused with was the abbreviation of names.  Rather than type out whole names, I would simply be referred to as P, Zaraq as Z and our third in the trio that we ended up leveling through from about level 13 to 60, and then some more in TBC was D. (Oh god, the launcher just scared the crap out of me, as it went from yellow to green.  It makes a sound, almost like Paaaa-THAK!  That's a very loose almost).  Anyway, through leveling, I would often see "Pat!" on the chat channel.  And I would think "What?! What have I done?".  And then some group would come along, and I would come really close to pulling it.  It wasn't until much much later in the game that I would realise that Pat, was short for Patrol, rather than Pathak, and the Pat! was a warning of a patrol, rather than shouting at me for doing something silly (like turning up to tank without pants on).

Somewhere around late Vanilla, I started up a few alts based on ideas. Some have managed to keep their names, others have not.

My first experiment was that of a Gnome Warlock named Bojsen.  That's a soft J, as in "J'suis Australien", and a long O.  Bow-sen.  Being small and cute as a button in a little old man Xmas elf kinda way, he was almost like a boisenberry.  Except being a warlock, he wouldn't be tasty.  He'd be poison.  So Bojsen would be my half way point.  I guess you could go with any of the phonetics... boy-sen, bow-sen or bouge for short.  Though usually I would get bodge-son, and more often than not, he would make a bit of a bodge of things.  I wasnt very good as ranged DPS, but that didn't stop me from trying.

My next experiment would be a Dire Bears ultimate companion.  A bearded human priest called Grizzlyadam.  But Grizzly, or GA as I would name him, didn't have a Dire Bear to look after him, so he turned to the shadow as soon as it became viable and would mind flay his enemies, instead of healing as others around him applied the damage.  Since GAs migration to Aman'Thul, he has become Benzol, a ringed hydrocarbon than can be bad for you in large quantities.  And if you've ever seen him heal as Discipline, you'd see why.

And lastly, for my cloth wearing DPS, I would choose a Frost Mage called Chivers.  His skin was very dark from all the frost burn he would earn himself while training.  His name was a play of being cold and a frost mage, and also on the scotch Chivas Regal.  While Frost was a bit of fun, it really wasn't for me in the long run.  He only made it to level 70, and has since been transferred to Barthilas as a Horde character.  Quicker than you can whistle "Take a walk on the wild side", Chivers became my other favourite name for a mage, Malamor, a female Blood Elf mage, who will most likely go as Fire, if she progresses any more.  Ah Malamor, my bad love.

During Vanilla, I also created a female dwarven rogue named Roquette.  And then I also created a female gnome rogue called Fidgette.  At some point, I decided I really didn't like playing rogues at all, but I like the idea of an engineering gnome, so Fidgette got to stay, and Roquette did a lap of Ironforge before throwing herself in to the lava, never to be seen again.

I also had a dwarven Pally called Mosesjones, but he was replaced by a Draenei, when The Burning Crusade was released.  Now, that toon had a cool name.  He was Col√®rejuste, also called Colour Adjust by though who liked to tease, or just Col.  I had been hoping that the Draenei would have a French influence in their vocals.  Unfortunately, it was some sort of Greek or Russian accent... distinctly not French, but my character with a name loosely translated to Angry Righteous, or Angry Justice was a point in pride of being my first character to be leveled to 70.  Unfortunately, I had an encounter with a GM while leveling in Blades Edge Mountains, and after pointing out that some of the Arrakoa in the area had floating head pieces after they died, he made me remove the accented √® from the name.  Col became just mildly pissed, with no justice, or casually belligerent, after that event.

During TBC, I also created a Shaman.  Female and named Znakharka, which is a Ukraine name for female shaman.  Recently, however, she was transferred to Barthilas as Horde, and was changed to a male orc.  The female orc model is almost as bad as the female troll model, and so Kopuz was bought into being, a male orc.  Kopuz is a shaman instrument from a someplace.

At some point during Vanilla, I had create a druid.  Her name was Dubh, Gaelic in origins (perhaps), and definitely meaning dark.  In her move to Aman'Thul, her name did not survive and she became Anion.  I did have thoughts of creating a Worgen druid called Cation, but it's already been taken.

I also had created an other druid called Hinny.  Her purpose, as the name might suggest, was as bank alt and auctioneer.  Eventually, she was replaced by a death knight, also called Hinny, although this time around, she was human.  Most undead end up looking more human that not, unless they're ghouls, regardless of their race of origin, so I figured that was a fair swap.  Hinny resides alone on Malygos, at level 80 in her crafted epics, unable to transfer, and very likely never to be played again.

(Boom!  After 2 hours of installing, the Playable green zone has finally fully applied.  I guess it will all be ready to play when I get home from work tomorrow night)

Sometime during TBC, I got really bored with playing Alliance, so I thought I give the Horde story line a try.  Killing two birds with one stone, I also thought I'd try leveling on a PvP realm as well.  The third person I mentioned earlier, D, also had a toon or two on Barthilas, so I went to join him for a while.  Now, I really didn't like PvP all that much.  Battlegrounds are fine, but I'd never had really great experiences with Arenas, and world PvP just seemed like the worst of the worst. So I went with a character that could avoid all that stuff if I didn't feel like it, and decided on a female Troll Rogue (mining and engineering, just because) called Misnomer.  Misnomer: an error in naming a person or a place.  A PvP rogue, that which is not.

With Misnomer, it was difficult on Barthilas without all the supporting toons that I had become accustomed to on Malygos.  Though I did get into PvP at the right times to earn myself a Black Battle Raptor for a mount, but it was shortly after the 2008 Olympics when I stopped at about level 61, and went back to Malygos to try my hand at dual boxing, to quickly level my shaman and hunter, and gift my druid wth the free levels, almost to 60 (hunters make the best shaman pets).  More recently, Misnomer has tried leveling again, and has got to level 78.  I could have got her to 80 by now, but started to get bored again.  It's a pity, though Kopuz is appreciative of his Black War Bear.  Maybe I'll try leveling some more, but I've only got a little more than a weeks worth of play left before I head overseas for 5 weeks.  I think Kopuz may end up leading the charge into Cataclysm, when I get back as elemental and resto.

I have a few other names of toons as well.  There's Petitemorte (little death), my tauren death knight on Barthilas.  There's Bunnyboiler, an undead priestess on Barthilas, and Metacarpal, an undead warlock that is likely to be replaced with a Goblin warlock in Cataclysm.  I've also got Tefal, my non-stick Protection Blood Elf Paladin on Barthilas and Dubh, another druid on Barthilas, honoring the name I couldn't keep on Aman'Thul.  I have Fling, an orc hunter, Araas, a troll hunter (because arass is what hunters fling).  I have Netherous, an undead rogue, and Logartick, a tauren of some description used for logging tickets, and finally, Patent, and female Tauren druid, no less.

That was a fun post, taking me back to when I first started playing WoW in June 2006.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Pathak Remembers His Brief Fury Encounter

I was having a read of the latest MMO Champion article, and saw this repost from the blues:

Using all your GCDs
Yes, and we have said this a lot, so it shouldn't come as a surprise. In a nutshell, the problem with filling every single GCD is it gives you no room to do anything else. If you're called upon to do something special or even run away or even look around to see how the fight is going, you don't have the cognitive space to do so. If we give you a proc to use and your rotation is so locked then you can't use the proc, then we have a problem. If you literally can't stand to go 1.5 sec every now and then without hitting a button, then our game has serious problems. :(

I know this is really weird for paladins who just have the muscle memory of always hitting something -- anything -- every GCD. It will take some getting used. Just try to evaluate whether it's truly not fun or whether it's just really different. Having any class that hits a button every 1.5 seconds is something we're trying to move away from though. We don't think it's good for the game.
The comment is actually about Paladins, but it reminded me of Pathaks brief encounter with the Fury spec shortly before WotLK was due to hit.  The actual 3.0.1 release had hit (or whatever it was called), and with it came free respecs (not sure if that was for all classes).  Anyway, Titans Grip looks interesting and fun, so picked a Fury spec and tried doing the Quel'Danas dailies.

Well, that lasted all of an afternoon, and back to Arms I went.  What made Fury so weird was the lack of button pushing I had to do, as compared with Arms at the time.  I would look at the tools available, while in Berserker stance, and think "So, my few abilities are on cool down, what do I do now?".  Arms may not need to press a button at every GCD, but Fury felt like there were several GCDs passing me by as I waited for my next ability to be available.

Maybe I was doing wrong.  I wouldn't be surprised, afterall, I'd only given the spec a single afternoon to reveal itself to be "fun".

For the record, I like direct that certain classes shouldn't need to be pressing something every single GCD.  It makes the decision to get out the fire easier (though it should be a no brainer already, you still meet the occasional person who insists that their DPS is more important that their health pool), because you can afford to actually move, rather than spam the next ability that must be selected with precision timing or OMG, MY ROTATION ITS RUINED I'M MELTING I'M MELTING!

But I digress.

I'm just a little excited about 4.0.1 hitting "soonish".  As MMO Champion mentioned, proabably not this week.  My thought was that if Brewfest is due to run until October 6, then an October 5 release of 4.0.1 would be in the middle of that, and that just didn't feel right.  At the end of this month, I head off for a 4 week jaunt around Europe, and should be back in time to recover from jet lag, and get Cataclysm. Yay!