Friday, September 24, 2010

Toon shuffle

Last night, a couple of my toons languishing on Malygos (A-PvE) were shuffled to Barthilas (H-PvP), where they would receive a bit more care and attention.

Znakharka of Malygos was the first to be moved.  She was a Draenei, and had to do a faction change after the initial realm change.  I had previously deleted an old toon called Znak to make way.  I had intended to recreate the toon as a female orc (already have Petitemorte and Dubh covering my Tauren contingent), but the model looked so bad, I changed to a male orc instead, and named him Kopaz (yet another reference to shamanism in some other language).  Now with a level 80 on the realm, I can get some Cold Weather Flying action for Misnomer.

Chivers of Malygos was next.  He was human, but I've always had a thing for a female blood elf called Malamor (loose translation : bad love), so I deleted my existing low level Malamor, and performed the realm move, faction change, gender change operation.  At level 70 and with heirloom shoulders, I think it turned out okay.

For the moment, I'm still going to concentrate on progressing Misnomer, Dubh and Petitemorte.  However, with only four weeks to go until I go on leave for a month, I don't expect much to get done.  It's very likely that Cataclysm will drop before I get back from those holidays, and everything will be different.  It is yet to be seen if I will return to Aman'Thul immediately, or continue with the Horde PvP experience.  There will be goblins and worgens to try out as well. Oh my!

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