Friday, September 10, 2010

Operation : Gnomeregan

Just a couple of notes about Operation : Gnomeregan, that is currently running on the live World of Warcraft realms.  The same probably applies to the similar event happening around the Echo Isles for the Horde.

  • Groups are not necessary.  A raid group is probably not advised at all, since you can't complete non-raid quests in a raid group.  Just stay in range of Mekk and the stat buffs that he gives.
  • This is easy quest gold.  You should get about 94g 92g 94s out of it.  Run it on your alts, if you can.  You won't need to travel anywhere dangerous, and if you stick with Mekk, you should be safe at the lower levels.  I've got 8 toons on Aman'Thul.  That's a very easy, guaranteed 743g for 2.5 to 3 hours work, depending on how well I streamline my questing.
  • To save time running on your alts, run the intro quests up to talking to Mekk.  If he's not there (i.e. he's running the Operation), then log to an alt on the same realm and do the intro quests there.  If he is there, do the Op, and when you're done, log into your alts that have also done the intro quests.
  • It's a 6 minute wait between Mekk finishing the last Op and starting the next one.  I haven't timed the Op, but I think that takes about 10 minutes.  The intro quests should take about 15 minutes
  • You'll get an achievement at the end, and an object that will allow you transform into a Gnome Soldier for 30min, every 4 hours.  This could be handy for PvP, or hiding in Mammoths in Dalaran, if you're not a gnome already. And a cloak, and I haven't tested it out yet.
Update:  Only toons with a level of 75 or greater can participate in the last event, however, toons that are at least level 5 can do the intros.  Still, that's 79g a pop.  Not too bad. I got the reward slightly wrong, too.

Update 2: The Tunnel Bug.  If you move too far down the tunnels while fighting the troggs, you'll miss out on the big trogg, and then it bugs out.  Mekkatorque will sit still for what is probably the remaining scripted time, then will despawn and the event resets.  The recommended action is to stay with Mekk until he moves forward.

Update 3: Okay, so I really messed up with the reward money for under 75s.  After having Mekk bug for the second time, I tried the Echo Isles operation on my level 70 troll rogue.  I had completely forgotten about the sliding scale of quest gold, and that I would get XP instead of a good portion of that quest gold.  After spending 30 minutes to fly, turtle, fly, zeppelin and raptor ride my way to Sen'jin Village from Howling Fjord, I completed the short intro quests and got 22g and some XP for my efforts.  Apparently, the event is limited, so I'm not sure I'll get to level 75 in time to experience the whole event.

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