Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hardcore vs Casual : Part Two

As a follow up to Hardcore vs Casual, I'd like to draw your attention to Defining Playstyles: Beyond casual vs. hardcore, over at

They've got a nice categorization system, at a species level.

Reading through the definitions, I've ended up falling into several categories. 

When I first started playing, it was as a Socializer, although I was spending alot of time leveling to catch up with the rest of the guild of friends who had level 60 toons.

For a while in TBC, I was a Jenkins / Time Crunched hybrid.  Colerejuste was at max level and playing a little end game content (just Kara runs), although I did do research and put effort into my game play, and only ended up doing one SSC because of the time crunch factor.  These days, I'm semi Time Crunched.  I play enough hours, but I can't set aside 2 or 3 fixed timeslots each week to attend raiding.

With 10 level 80s and more on the way, I've become an Altoholic.

With the low attendance in our Guild, sometimes it's like a Single Player MMO.  End game past heroics is not something I concern myself with, and with maybe only one or two other players online, it all gets a bit quiet.

Come Cataclysm, it may be time to find a social guild of mature players to hang out with, for a couple of my toons.  Some guild members in the Alliance side have alternate guilds to do their raiding with, and we have a global channel to chat on.  I don't make specific use of the guild bank any more, and will perhaps pop a couple of hundred gold in there now and again, or extra materials, but my repairs aren't paid for via the guild bank.

It's a non issue at the moment for my Alliance toons, since I only log in there to do the Jewelcrafting daily and check the Auction House.  However, on the Horde site, being the only active member is starting to feel like Single Player MMO.  My druid there is currently unguilded, so it might be worth looking around for a social guild when I start leveling her a bit more.

This is turning into a wall of text, but it's the evolution of this thread.  And this evolution is about a perceived notion of players sponging of their guilds. did a couple of articles on freeloading a short while ago (Part I and Part II, if you need a quick read).  Even if you are a sponge, you still end up having to gain reputation with your guild to get those rewards offered by the guild rank.  You can't just waltz in and cherry pick the top guild rewards on day one.  You'll need to quest or actually do guild runs and other guild activities to earn Exalted with your guild and be able to pick up those top rewards.  If you are actually a sponge, you'll be detected as such long before then.  Guild Leaders and Officers probably have more to worry about than someone grinding Guild faction and getting access to those high level rewards.  The bank ninja is probably more of an issue, or someone without an Authenticator getting hacked and becoming the bank ninja.

Anyway, that's enough for todays wall of text.

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