Sunday, August 22, 2010

Take that, random duel guy

I'm a big fan of leaving PvP in the BGs and the Arenas.  It's just what makes sense for me.

Though now I'm leveling Misnomer on a PvP realm, I expect a bit of slap and tickle out in the world.  However, random duels are not something I'm a fan of at all.  I'm perhaps inclines to accept in a city, but out in the wild, in a PvP realm, you really can't afford to be caught off guard by some yahoo who want to randomly duel you.

Here is a tale of my sweet revenge.

I had just completed a corpse run to the Murkblood base in Nagrand.  One of my poisons had worn off and I'd foolishly thought to take on Ortor.  He's got a bit of protection that saw right through my stealth.  Perhaps it's because I was only level 64.  Nevermind, not important.  Anyway, I get back, and there's an Orc DK clearing a little patch outside the building where I died.  I decided it would be better to spawn there, rather than inside, and sat down for munch to get some health back.  As soon as I sit, the Orc DK has thrown down the duel.  I'm pretty sure he tried to duel me in Zangamarsh the day before, but I was resetting my talents at the time.

So this time, I think "Okay. It's probably going to be a wipe, but lets get it out the way".  I accept, while still seated and eating. 3... 2... 1... *stealth*, and off to the side, I move.  I was trying to get behind him, when I feel down a gully. Maybe he saw me, maybe he heard me, maybe he was just as clumsy, since he fell down it too, but not on top of me.  And he wasn't stealthed, so he ran into a few Murkblood Scavengers.  Hee hee.  And then ran into two raiders.. oh, the sweetness.  There's only one thing better than winning a duel, and that's finishing it up with a fatality.  So I weighed in with a couple of stabs to win the duel any me Duel-icious achievement, and see him going down to the mobs that were still on his back.  I managed to Vanish out, but still had a couple of Murkblood raiders on my back, so I finished them off and high tailed out of there.

He hasn't tracked me down, or whispered nasty things to me, which is a little surprising, but maybe he thought he deserved it.  Maybe he'll be a bit more careful about random dueling in the middle of contested territory in future.

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