Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nevy Hits 80

Nevynoch finally hit level 80 two nights ago.  Armed with heirloom shoulders, chest and a dagger, he sped his way through Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, Sons of Hodir intro (up to here Thorim was taken), Argent Tournament intro, Ice Crown intro and the Shadow Vault.

Since then, I've been gearing him, making ready for heroic instances.  So far, he's got a nice Nessingwary 4000 DPS gun, the Giantmaim bracers and leggings, the Icestrike cloak, engineering goggles, crafted shoulders and boots, and a couple of Wyrm Accord AGI swords.  I'm not quite done with enchanting yet, and I have some PvP items, like chest, gloves and belt that I'm not sure if they will be improvements.  I guess I'll be firing up Rawr before too long to get a good indication on what enchants I should be using.  The Warcraft Hunters Union has been pretty helpful for talent specs too.

Speaking of specs, Nevy has now picked up Marksman has his secondary spec and new wolf pet.  The wolf pet now fills the last of Nevys stable slots, and it will be a bit of a wait for Cataclysm before being able to go out and collect some more pets.  After enchants are sorted, Nevy will be spending a bit of time in IF, practicing his rotation.  If he can get anything above 2000DPS, then he'll be signing up for heroics.

As an aside, Fidgette managed to score some action outside of the auction house.  Instead of quest grinding for cash to earn money to by materials for all of Nevynochs upgrades, Fidgette jumped in her ROLFcopter and did lapse of Sholozar Basin, mining Saronite, Titanium and extracting gas clouds where ever possible.  Those gas clouds are a great source of Crystallized Fire, and seem to be thoroughly under farmed, fortunately for me.  Mind you, the single cinder cloud in Sholozar is a bit of a disappointment, yielding only 2 Crystallized Fire at a time, as opposed to the Steam Clouds, which can give up to 4 Crystallized Fire.  My other observation is that Crystallized Shadow is better farmed from Saronite in Ice Crown, than any other place.  Anyway, having a miner/engineer makes collecting Crystallized Fire a doddle.

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