Saturday, August 21, 2010

Misnomer sneaks back on the scene

Sometime near the end of TBC, I got a bit bored with my toons on Malygos.  So I started playing some toons on Barthilas to see the Horde side of the story, and experience leveling in a PvP environment.  My primary character was a female Troll rogue, Misnomer, miner and engineer by trade.

Misnomer made it to level 61 because the call of Malygos and the prospect of WotLK drew me back.

Well, my current goals on Aman'Thul are now just to earn cash for the next gold sink, 5000g for 310% flying.  I'
ve a primary interesting in earning this for Col, Blackthorn and Fidgette for ultra fast travel for mining, herbing and mining/mote extracting.  Eventually, I'll probably earn it for the remaining toon, but that will probably be done as a part of the Cata end game with whatever dailies are available then.  So far, Fidgette has managed to raise 7000g through AH sales of flasks, elixirs, potions, food, gems and enchanting mats.

In the meantime, Misnomer is going to get some attention, as I play through the Horde side of things.

So far, any actual PvP seems to be at a minimum.  Maybe it's because it's Outland and a release behind, or maybe it's because it's a PvP realm, but Barthilas really seems to be a Horde server.  I've not seen any Alliance at all while leveling through Zangamarsh.  Not that I want too.  Misnomer is horribly undergeared, and has only just managed to purchase the flying skill.  I don't even have any daggers to make the most of my Assassination spec that I've picked up from

I'm not sure how much of the Outland zones I'm going to visit before heading to Northrend.  I've heard that Nagrand has a quest line that results in a visit from Thrall.  Are there any other Outland quest lines I should play before heading to Northrend?

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