Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cataclysm Beta Invite


And as much fun as that sounds, I should probably be responsible with the invite and dedicate some time to actually doing testing.. as is implied by the "beta".

So, what first.. worgen, goblin or something at the level cap?

Oh yeah, the download first, perhaps. 12GB worth, last time I heard.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Aman'Thul vs Barthilas

Most of my toons are now located on Aman'Thul, a PvE realm, as Alliance.  I have two 80s and a 70 left on Malygos.  Perhaps one day, Znakharka the 80 Shaman will make the transfer to Aman'Thul, but probably not until toon limits per realm are lifted.  The primary reason for this is that I have eight toons on Aman'Thul, I'm leaving one spot spare for a Worgen druid in Cataclysm, and I'll leave another spot spare for whatever may happen in the expansion after Cataclysm.  If the character limit per realm is increased, then I'd bring Znak over, and probably Chivers as well (70 Mage).  Unfortunately, Hinny will have to stay there, as you can only have one Death Knight per realm.

At the moment, I'm leveling Misnomer, a Troll rogue on Barthlias, a PvP realm.  This started as an experiment in seeing what the Horde story line was like, and also to experience leveling on a PvP realm.  Misnomer made it as far as level 61 before WotLK was released, and I've only just started leveling her again.  She's now at level 66 but has no rested bonus, so I'll be leveling Dubh, a druid with a bent for enchanting and jewelcrafted (ah, the shinies!).  I've got 9 toons on Barthilas, with Misnomer at level 66, Petitemorte, a Tauren Deathknight at 58 and the rest at about 20 or better.  I've got a warrior languishing on a second account from when I was duel boxing, but I'm never likely to revive him.  When Cataclysm is released, I'll be rolling a Goblin on this realm, and will probably start a warlock.  I've already got one called Metacarpal (he's Undead, can you tell?), but I figure that warlocks make a good representation of goblins, and I've already got Misnomer as a rogue.

Anyway, the point of this post was the difference between Aman'Thul and Barthilas.  There are the glaringly obvious differences that also make them constants.. Alliance vs Horde, PvE vs PvP.  They're both Oceanic, so for the most part, that is a constant.

The interesting difference that caught my eye was the usage of 2.Trade. 

On Aman'Thul, trade is used for everything.  Trade, General, LFM, LFDungeon, LFGroup, LFGuild, LFRaid and mostly, the collection of inane chats about Anal [Spell Link], how someone's a ninja, what a douche Stormkid is and the usual bickering about real life stuff.

On Barthilas, it's... different.  It must has started as a "thing" where to get your say, you needed to make sure it stayed on the 2.Trade channel long enough to be read.  So instead of saying it once, or even at 30 second intervals, it gets spammed 5 times in a row, and then that spam happens every 5 seconds.  Initially, it was very off putting.  I had quite a few people on my ignore list.. and then I realised this was the norm for Barthilas.  Trade chat was the LFR/M channel, and any actual chat about trade would have to be limited to /say, or spammed just as much, if not more.  On the lighter side, there's very little trash talk you'd recognised as it's constantly being whisked away by LFM spam.

The AH was also different.  A couple of inspired users (on Barthilas) have trying to make usage of Auctioneer a bit tricky.  They've got postings in just about every item going for anywhere between 1000g and 50000g, just to mess up the average price of whatever it is you're trying to automatically adjust margins for.  I'm not really sure what the long term effect is, though I suspect it might add stability to prices, as all bids and buyouts would need to be manually set, instead of doing an automatic undercut.

So far, I'm enjoying Barthilas again.  Though, in Outland, I've only seen 2 Alliance and have been ganked by neither.  I'm told that almost everyone is in Northrend, and the dieing happens regularly.  Makes me wonder if I should make the most out of Outland, while it's quiet, and perhaps do SSO dailies to help raise gold until I hit 70 or so, or if I should bite the bullet and hit Northrend at 68, since I'm going to get ganked by level 80 alliance, regardless of if I'm 68 or 70 for a start, anyway.  I'm also thinking I should get my Engineering and Cooking up to scratch before hitting Northrend as well. Stamina buffs would be welcome and being able to process the ore I collect immediately will cut down on the need to buy bigger bags.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Take that, random duel guy

I'm a big fan of leaving PvP in the BGs and the Arenas.  It's just what makes sense for me.

Though now I'm leveling Misnomer on a PvP realm, I expect a bit of slap and tickle out in the world.  However, random duels are not something I'm a fan of at all.  I'm perhaps inclines to accept in a city, but out in the wild, in a PvP realm, you really can't afford to be caught off guard by some yahoo who want to randomly duel you.

Here is a tale of my sweet revenge.

I had just completed a corpse run to the Murkblood base in Nagrand.  One of my poisons had worn off and I'd foolishly thought to take on Ortor.  He's got a bit of protection that saw right through my stealth.  Perhaps it's because I was only level 64.  Nevermind, not important.  Anyway, I get back, and there's an Orc DK clearing a little patch outside the building where I died.  I decided it would be better to spawn there, rather than inside, and sat down for munch to get some health back.  As soon as I sit, the Orc DK has thrown down the duel.  I'm pretty sure he tried to duel me in Zangamarsh the day before, but I was resetting my talents at the time.

So this time, I think "Okay. It's probably going to be a wipe, but lets get it out the way".  I accept, while still seated and eating. 3... 2... 1... *stealth*, and off to the side, I move.  I was trying to get behind him, when I feel down a gully. Maybe he saw me, maybe he heard me, maybe he was just as clumsy, since he fell down it too, but not on top of me.  And he wasn't stealthed, so he ran into a few Murkblood Scavengers.  Hee hee.  And then ran into two raiders.. oh, the sweetness.  There's only one thing better than winning a duel, and that's finishing it up with a fatality.  So I weighed in with a couple of stabs to win the duel any me Duel-icious achievement, and see him going down to the mobs that were still on his back.  I managed to Vanish out, but still had a couple of Murkblood raiders on my back, so I finished them off and high tailed out of there.

He hasn't tracked me down, or whispered nasty things to me, which is a little surprising, but maybe he thought he deserved it.  Maybe he'll be a bit more careful about random dueling in the middle of contested territory in future.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Misnomer sneaks back on the scene

Sometime near the end of TBC, I got a bit bored with my toons on Malygos.  So I started playing some toons on Barthilas to see the Horde side of the story, and experience leveling in a PvP environment.  My primary character was a female Troll rogue, Misnomer, miner and engineer by trade.

Misnomer made it to level 61 because the call of Malygos and the prospect of WotLK drew me back.

Well, my current goals on Aman'Thul are now just to earn cash for the next gold sink, 5000g for 310% flying.  I'
ve a primary interesting in earning this for Col, Blackthorn and Fidgette for ultra fast travel for mining, herbing and mining/mote extracting.  Eventually, I'll probably earn it for the remaining toon, but that will probably be done as a part of the Cata end game with whatever dailies are available then.  So far, Fidgette has managed to raise 7000g through AH sales of flasks, elixirs, potions, food, gems and enchanting mats.

In the meantime, Misnomer is going to get some attention, as I play through the Horde side of things.

So far, any actual PvP seems to be at a minimum.  Maybe it's because it's Outland and a release behind, or maybe it's because it's a PvP realm, but Barthilas really seems to be a Horde server.  I've not seen any Alliance at all while leveling through Zangamarsh.  Not that I want too.  Misnomer is horribly undergeared, and has only just managed to purchase the flying skill.  I don't even have any daggers to make the most of my Assassination spec that I've picked up from

I'm not sure how much of the Outland zones I'm going to visit before heading to Northrend.  I've heard that Nagrand has a quest line that results in a visit from Thrall.  Are there any other Outland quest lines I should play before heading to Northrend?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nevy Hits 80

Nevynoch finally hit level 80 two nights ago.  Armed with heirloom shoulders, chest and a dagger, he sped his way through Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, Sons of Hodir intro (up to here Thorim was taken), Argent Tournament intro, Ice Crown intro and the Shadow Vault.

Since then, I've been gearing him, making ready for heroic instances.  So far, he's got a nice Nessingwary 4000 DPS gun, the Giantmaim bracers and leggings, the Icestrike cloak, engineering goggles, crafted shoulders and boots, and a couple of Wyrm Accord AGI swords.  I'm not quite done with enchanting yet, and I have some PvP items, like chest, gloves and belt that I'm not sure if they will be improvements.  I guess I'll be firing up Rawr before too long to get a good indication on what enchants I should be using.  The Warcraft Hunters Union has been pretty helpful for talent specs too.

Speaking of specs, Nevy has now picked up Marksman has his secondary spec and new wolf pet.  The wolf pet now fills the last of Nevys stable slots, and it will be a bit of a wait for Cataclysm before being able to go out and collect some more pets.  After enchants are sorted, Nevy will be spending a bit of time in IF, practicing his rotation.  If he can get anything above 2000DPS, then he'll be signing up for heroics.

As an aside, Fidgette managed to score some action outside of the auction house.  Instead of quest grinding for cash to earn money to by materials for all of Nevynochs upgrades, Fidgette jumped in her ROLFcopter and did lapse of Sholozar Basin, mining Saronite, Titanium and extracting gas clouds where ever possible.  Those gas clouds are a great source of Crystallized Fire, and seem to be thoroughly under farmed, fortunately for me.  Mind you, the single cinder cloud in Sholozar is a bit of a disappointment, yielding only 2 Crystallized Fire at a time, as opposed to the Steam Clouds, which can give up to 4 Crystallized Fire.  My other observation is that Crystallized Shadow is better farmed from Saronite in Ice Crown, than any other place.  Anyway, having a miner/engineer makes collecting Crystallized Fire a doddle.