Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Who To Level First In Cataclysm?

Over at my higher selfs site, I've made a posting on how to use Prolog to discover facts and relationships, and help determine which characters might get leveled first when the Cataclysm hits.

In the end, I think the fun factor is going to win out for me.  In earlier days, it would have been possible to rotate through your rested bonus, and give each toon a bit of loving.  However, I noticed that in WotLK, running out of rested bonus was something that just never happened.  In Cataclysm, given that 81 to 85 is supposed to be as long as 61- 70 or 71-80, the only way to run out of rested bonus will be to hardly have any in the first place.  Rested bonus scales a little too well.

A tentative preference for leveling will be as follows:
  • The Worgen Druid, playing until his rested bonus disappears.  Though I'm likely to go through levels 1 to 20 in one sitting.
  • Anion, because I'm having alot of fun with Balance, and I can fall back to Resto to get quick instances if I want them.
  • Colerejuste, because Pallies are fun, too, and gems are handy, and ore is handy for Pathaks Blacksmithing.
  • Pathak, because Blacksmithing will be handy for Col.
  • Benzol or Bojsen.  Depends on what combos of cloth are needed to make the next big bag size, if there is one.  Otherwise it will probably be Bojsen, because enchanting is useful for all toons.
Some toons can just wait their toon, like Fidgette who mainly does my auctioneering, or Nevynoch, who negates my current boredom of running 5 mans with an over powered Moonkin.

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