Monday, July 19, 2010

Nevy Gets His Engineering Groove On

This week, Nevy spent alot of time in stasis, while Col did the hard yards of collecting ore and smelting so that Nevy could get his engineering groove on.  Yep, Nevy dropped herbalism, and picked up Engineering. 

That makes 2 toons with Engineering now, with Fidgette being the other.  Though Fidgette has Goblin engineering and Nevy has Gnomish engineering, but has yet to create some of the special Gnomish trinkets and tinkers that come with the profession.

One of the biggest grinds with Engineering is the epic flyer, and I cheated somewhat.  Col spent quite along time, flying around Nagrand and Terrokar Forest, looking for the very rare Khorium vein.  He did manage to pick up enough to make 4 of the 8 Khorium Power Cores required for the flyer, but I just couldn't grind it out any more.  I wanted Nevy back on the level, and flying in his epic fly throughout Northrend as soon as possible.  With a handful of individual Khorium Ores going for 20g each, I ended up putting a bid of 1670g for a 13 stack of Khorium Power Cores.  I figure I can sell the remainder, but do so maybe 2 at a time, and make a little money back.

The next big grind will be the 250 or so Saronite Bars required to level engineering to 449, so I can then make the goggles, hopefully hit 450, and then make the epic DPS gun!  I may even need to make a Wormhole generator as well, though I'd likely hand that off to Fidgette, since she's doesn't have one yet.  Oh, all those bars are needed to level, and will be used on Army Knives.

Nevy has also switched back to Beast Mastery for leveling, and will probably take up a Marksman spec for dungeons.  I'll probably have to do a little soloing as Marksman as well, just so I can get accustomed to the rotation.

My biggest complaint about Beast Mastery is the number of buttons.  I haven't done my proper research yet, but so far my soloing rotation includes (depending on availability, and can I be bothered):
  • Hunters Mark
  • Trinket
  • Rapid Fire
  • Serpent Sting, and reapply as needed
  • Multishot
  • Arcane Shot
  • Steady Shot
  • Killshot to finish off, if I remember or the pet doesn't do the job for me
There's also the pet abilities of Beastial Wrath, Kill Command and Intimidation to work in there as well, as well as juggle Dragonhawk and Viper auras for mana, and the tracking as well.

One of the things I haven't paid alot of attention to, and need to, is the Arcane Shot vs Steady Shot discussion.  Arcane is magic and Steady is physical, which means, for the most part, Arcane should be preferred, unless the mob has a magic immunity.  I've seen alot of arguments for Steady > Arcane, in that it does more damage.  However, that damage on the tooltip doesn't take into account armor mitigation, similar to Arcane Shot tooltip not taking magic resistances into account, either.  In PvP, Arcane is probably better against Mail and Plate wearers, while Steady is probably better against Cloth and Leather wearers.  Next time I'm shooting something, I'll take a look at those battle text numbers, and maybe even review Skada.  I'm likely to save ammo and mana by sticking to one shot or another for a single mob, and it may even improve my DPS.

I'll be very glad when Cataclysm launches, and I get a trap launcher, and perhaps a better default UI for auras, traps and tracking.

Oh, one thing I'm going to do with Cataclysm launches (and I may even be able to do it now), is to head to Vengeance Landing and tame one of those Giant Tidecrawlers.  50 stabled pets with 5 active in Cataclysm is going to be awesome.

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