Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hardcore vs Casual is one of the WoW News/Blog sites I follow on a daily basis.  Some articles I'm likely to read more than others (Know Your Lore definitely get read, anything that requires YouTube or sounds only podcasts, not so much).

And occasionally, I post replies to the comments.

Here's one such question (tyler)

what's the next lvl down as far as player-types? there's hardcore, casual....then what?
what's below casual? this is a player that only logs on once a day or so, and does some battlegrounds here and there, maybe a few dailies to work on some rep, a few quests on an alt, etc etc. would this be super-casual?
And my reply (Colerejuste)
I think the base terms of hardcore and casual are grossly misrepresented. There's raiders, and then there are non-raiders. There are people who just do 5 man instances, heroic or not, and then those that don't even do that, and just stick to questing, leveling professions and doing soloable achievements. There are theorycrafters, followers of Elistist Jerks, browsers of, people who spec from first principals and those that don't have a firm grip on the direction of their spec (which Cata will help with, somewhat). There are altoholics who love to level, or maintain as many 80s as they can, or those that have 1 main and bank alt. There are people that prevent the progress of their toons at level 19, 29, 39, 49 or 59, just so they can gear up that toon for BG dominance (they're called twinks in game, though you may wish to ask your parents about the real world term "twink"). Then there are world PvP, BG PvP and Arena PvP players. There are people that log 6 hours a week of game time or less, and they could fall into any of those categories. There are those that log 35+ hours a week, and they too, fall into any of those categories.

The player who logs 35+ hours a week, just leveling alts, gathering and leveling professions or running 5man heroics and doesn't do raids could be considered just as hardcore as the player who 9 hours a week to do 25ICC heroic only. Both players might have a very good understanding of their specs, talents and spells for the level of play that they are at.

And out of game, you've got bloggers, blog followers, ranters, forum trolls and care bears (though that can be in-game as well).

Yeah, narrowing down the field of WoW player definitions to hardcore and casual is like to describe colour in terms of black and white.

- Update 23/07/2010:  This post was featured on MMO Melting Pot. Awesome!


  1. Brilliant. You've been mentioned over at and I re-blogged your quote too at my spot, and both are getting solid approval :D Thank you for putting this out there so clearly!

  2. Yes, clearly it's nearly impossible to define someone as any one thing, and certainly hardcore and casual don't really explain anything specific; neither sure don't explain whatever it is I am. The different kinds of WoW players are greater than the number of colors in the visible light spectrum, to put it another way.

    I too got your link from, very nicely done!