Friday, July 23, 2010

Crabs are nice, if you like that sort of thing

In a mad dash, before the early maintenance this week, Nevynoch flew out to Vengeance Landing to grab himself a Giant Tidecrawler.  I tried leveling with it for a while, but it really didn't end up being all that great.

Sure, having the crusty crustacean stomp and pin the enemy down was handy, but I really don't have my game play down to do alot of pet managing when it comes to multiple mobs.  So I've put the tidecrawler in the stable for the moment, and have gone back to using Saucy, my albino devilsaur from the Ungoro.

Shortly before bed, Nevynoch dinged 75 and switched his secondary spec over to Marksman and picked up the appropriate Glyphs.  I'll need to play with the rotation a bit, in Ironforge before signing myself up for a 5-man or two. 

Heirloom items are awesome, I must say.  Just hit 75, I've completed Borean Tundra, the intro quests at Moa'ki Harbor and I've got Gjalerbron and Fort Wildervar to go in Howling Fjord.  By rights, I should be done in Dragonblight by now, though I'm likely to start the Drakuru line after completing Howling Fjord so I can pick up the instance quests for Drak'Tharon Keep.

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