Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cataclysm Balance Druid Spec

Update: This post is old and no longer relevant to the current build of the 
Cataclysm Beta.  Now that I'm in the beta, if I come up with a Balance spec that I choose to share, I'll update this update with a link to the updated spec.  Update! (He totally said "date").

The closed Cataclysm Beta (that I'm not in, yet :() has had a new build delivered (Build 12479).

This drop is particularly exciting, because it contains the first pass of the new Talent Tree specialisations, in which you get 41 talent points at max level, have to put 31 talents in your first tree, and get 1 talent point and skill upgrades on alternating levels.

There's a note on the MMO Champion link above that primary skills are learned when you pick you main talent tree.  At first, I thought this might mean you actually get those skills at level 10, but now I'm thinking that you may automatically learn them when you get to the appropriate level.  It's hard to say, since I'm not in the Beta and it takes a while for external sources of info to be updated.

For example, Starsurge is listed as a Balance Druid primary skill.  However, according to, which seems to be partially updated for the new tree setup, has Starsurge listed as a tier 3 talent, which would mean it's not available until level 40 or so.

Just for shits and giggles, I've come up with a Balance build I be likely using at 85.  Though it might be tricky to work out which 3 points I'll drop while leveling.  In fact, I'll likely use a spec that includes Owlkin Frenzy while leveling, because I'm likely to have mobs get all up in my business while Wrathing to oblivion.

I've attached a screengrab of the build, for convenience, since it's likely to change.

As I mentioned, not all external sources have been updated yet, so keep that in mind when viewing the screenshot.  Currently, it does not reflect that on 41 points will be available, and that a talent point will be available every second level.

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