Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pathak back in the fray

Well, I managed to stay away for a little over 30 days, but after getting a bit bored with DDO and it's futility for solo players, I've renewed my subscription to WoW.

An addition, Pathak is now also a dwarf.

I've played a couple of nights now, and I'm keeping play very very casual.  As always, there's a plan.

The current plan is to gather heirloom items and bags for the new toon to be created when Cataclysm is released.  And in between times, I'll be fiddling around with Arms PvP for Pathak and Balance and Resto PvP for Anion.

So far, Benzol is my only character capable of earning enough Champion Seals for all the heirloom goodies, but Col is very close behind.

Tip: Make sure you hit exalted with Silver Covenant before finishing up the last of the Alliance faction dailies.  Same goes for Horde and their equivs.  You should be close by the time you get that far with the faction dailies, but it will be a drawn out few days making the final reputation, especially if you don't do Threat From Above and Battle for the Citadel everyday.

Given that tip, that's the space that Col is stuck at, at the moment. Though he's only two days away from exalted.

So, how many Champion Seals do I need?  Alot.  The chest and shoulder bits are 60 seals each, the staff, ideal for feral druids, is 95 seals and the health trinket, which I may as well get, is 70 seals.  That's a total of 285 seals required for all the bits.  If I were to do all the Champion Seal dailies, given exalted with Silver Covenant, that will be around 28 days worth of grinding.  If I decided to skip TFA & Comms, that pushes it out to 40 days.  Luckily, Benzol already has a tidy collection of about 40 Seals, and Col is almost ready to be earning his 10 Seals a day.  So that brings my grind days down to about 12, if I play both toons every day and do all quests, or 17 days if I skip TFA & Comms.

Anion is also going to try and complete the Argent Tournament grind as well.  This will be mostly for the gold, since I don't think she'll be able to get to exalted with the Silver Covenant before Benzol and Col complete their grinds.  Although, the spell heirlooms could be handy for when the new toon runs instances while leveling up to lvl 80.

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