Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Heirlooms loom

... and generally make a nusance of themselves.

In my previous post, I make considerable mention of earning some heirloom items via the Argent Tournament dailies.

It's be drawn to my attention that there are items that can be bought with Stone Keeper Shards and PvE badges.  I kinda knew it, but didn't pay it much attention.  The Stone Keeper Shard equipment tends to sacrifice hit for resilience, and for some reason, I just didn't pay much mind to the badge costs.

My opinion with the resilience gear is that it's not totally worth it, unless you're leveling via BGs.  For PvE leveling, the hit is much better.  It's also rumored that Resilience will be reduced to only reducing player damage in Cataclysm, and only damage generated from crits.  That puts a decided damper resilience gear for leveling.

Now, badges costs:

The shoulders and chest gear is 40 badges (compared with 60 seals), the trinkets are 50 badges (compared with 75 seals) and the 2 hand weapon I'm eyeing off is 60 badges (compared with 95 seals).  I'll have to do a toon scan to see if any of them have a few unused badges.  It's Emblems of Heroism, too, which is the WotLK entry level badge.  I know I have a few toons with 17 or so Emblems of Heroism that I can't justify spending, so maybe now I'll have a reason to run a few instances on them.

And then there's the Dread Pirate Ring!  Another 5% XP to add to the stack, and available as a reward from the Kalu'ak Fishing Derby.  If I can remember, perhaps some of my fisher men will enter.

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