Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pathak considers Dwarfism

I was reading an article on today, and one of the questions was about deleting high level characters.  The writer had never done it, but had deleted a lvl 65 night elf warrior before race conversions were possible, because he looked silly.

I don't mind Pathak being a Night Elf, but there are arguments for having him change race.

I'm well represented by Night Elves.  Currently, I have Pathak and Anion, my two relatively active, or at least, played Night Elves.  Lore wise, I'm probably the wrong way around.  The warrior should have been female, and the druid should have been male, but never mind.  Back on Malygos, I also have Nevynoch.

Human Diplomacy is handy.  Blackthorn, Benzol and Chivers all find the 10% bonus for reputation to be quite spiffy, and I really don't like the reputation grind.  However, I'm over represented by humans, too, so that probably won't happen.

I'm under represented by Dwarves.  I've started two Dwarves in my time, but they never really got past lvl 13.  The first was Mosesjones, a Pally.  He disappeared to make way for Colerejuste when TBC was released.  The other was Roquette, a female rogue.  I had Fidgette on the go as well, and decided I didn't like playing the rogue class enough to have two of them, so Roquette went the way of the dodo.  The deciding factor was that female Gnomish rogues are too cute to delete, especially went they're being all stealthy-like.

So, I think when I do get back to playing, Pathak will undergo a race transformation and become a Dwarf.

There are bonuses for playing a Dwarf, but my info might be outdated.

Treasure!  When Pathak isn't tracking herbs, he can track treasure.  Too bad if it's in a lockbox.  Maybe Cataclysm will allow Blacksmiths to create keys capable of unlocking high level lockboxes (not sure if this was possible in WotLK).

Stone Form!  Now that might be a racial that is gone by now, but I do remember Dwarves once having the ability to temporarily increase armor via Stone Form.

Enthusiastic emotes!  I find the Dwarven emotes to be the best of the Alliance classes.  Or maybe it's that I don't have a Dwarven character yet that I've not got sick of them.  I usually enjoy grouping with a Dwarf, and having /charge, /cheer and /ty coming through the speakers that the continue moanings of a male gnome(Bojsen: "Pleeeease heal me!" )

Got any toons you'd like to see undergo a transracialmorphgrafication? (It's a Gnomish process, don't you know?)

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  1. I hope Pathak enjoys his dwarfdom if he decides to go for it! How to braid his hair will be a tough choice imo.

    (Btw, I believe you're right; Stoneform and Find Treasure are both still in the game :))