Friday, April 09, 2010

Glass Cannon Rail Gun

Blizzard have recently released class changes for Warriors and Priests.

Priest changes look quite fun, offering a Mind Spike to fill the gap for Shadow Priests when they don't get a chance to ramp up their full rotation.. and shadow orbs.  I'm also a fan of the Leap of Faith ability, which can be useful to pull people out of the fire. 

I'm sure there will be comical situations of playing tug of war with locks and mages, as PvP DKs and Priests from both sides push and pull their glass cannons from the middle of a battlefield.  In fact, I'd like to see a glass cannon rail gun effect with Horde DKs down one side, Alliance priests down the other, and an Alliance mage or lock getting pushed and pulled all the way down the middle.  For the callous of heart, your rail gun ammo could be a dwarf shaman, and a tauren balance druid could be waiting at the exit point to do a knockback off the end of a cliff.  Who knows, maybe we'll see some sort of WoW movie featuring some sort of dwarf or gnome toss by the end of the Cataclysm beta.

Heroic Leap seems to be making a comeback for the Warrior, providing a leap and a thunderclap.  I wonder if Warrior changes will make Prot less viable for soloing as it was in WotLK, or it will leave it in the same place where you just don't do as much damage as your Arms and Fury counterparts, but you get the job done eventually.  Gushing Wounds looks fun as well, making a "run away now that I've stabbed you three times, will you?" seem quite undesirable.

I'm really looking forward to the druid changes that will be out later this week (or next week.. my RSS feed to MMO Champion will keep me informed).

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