Monday, April 12, 2010

Cataclysm Class Changes

It's only been 6 days since I last logged into WoW, and 4 days since my subscription lapsed, but the WoW community has been turned on it's head by the previews of the class changes that Blizzard will be making for the Cataclysm expansion.

MMO Champion has been quick to pick up the posts, and has been close behind with attempts to offer insight in to what these changes will mean for players.  I've got no idea of what's happening on the official forums or EJ, since the Blizzard forums have a high troll ratio and Blizzard haven't released enough information for EJ theorycrafters to offer anything more than guess work, like most of the other sites.  Actually, that's a bit prejudiced of me.  EJ just seems to deal with what is better than what might be, and they usually don't tolerate flights of fancy all that well.  Maybe I'll check them out later.

As yet, Pally changes are the only thing left unannounced, and we're not really expecting anything until April 16.  Looking back on how the Pally has been changed in previous expansions and patches, this is going to be "interesting".  The kind of interesting where you may wish for someone to "live in interesting times".  Nerfs, buffs, a complete change in paradigm or just not knowing how they could improve or scale the pally experience to level 85.  Who knows?

Another "interesting" is the changes to the DK rune and runic power system.  I've been following Skeleton Jack for a long time, and his insights into the best specs for leveling and end game have enhanced my DK experience quite alot.  However, he's not a fan of the DK changes for Cataclysm at all.  I'm of the opinion that these changes are necessary if the class is going to scale to lvl85, and remain interesting.  If they're still up, you can read a few posts by Blackthorn on the site for my thoughts on the matter.  Hmm, I wonder if this would be one of those times where I should QFT?

The druid changes have also been announced.  On the whole, also classified as interesting.  I was a little disappointed that there would be no new spells for the Resto Druid, but also comforted that Blizzard thinks they're in a good place and have just about all the spells they think they will ever need.  The Tree of Life changes are different though.  I think it will be fun to have the ToL become situational, instead of a passive effect that makes you not show off your armor.  I'd really like to see the caster form sprout a few branches from the forehead, much like the antlers we see on some druid artwork, or perhaps develop hands of Cenarius for temporary improved healing.  With this information, I think I'll be leveling my worgen druid as feral, then switch to balance/resto in Outland.  Well, I'll try.  That didn't work out so well with Dubh (now Anion) when an attempt to move to Balance was made at lvl71 with no actual Balance gear.

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