Monday, March 01, 2010

Blackthorns UI

This is Blackthorns UI.  I thought I'd stick it up for prosperity, and as a milestone.  Actually, the key mappings have changed a little, but the general layout is the same.
Featured in the layout is XPerl unit frames, Bartender action bars, a bunch of Fubar stuff across the top, Recount, Omen, AlphaMap, SexyMap and Wintertime, not to mention Blizzards own objectives tracker.  I normally run QuestHelper, but since my move to Aman'Thul, I've been having out of memory problem in WG, so removal of QH has helped a little.

What you cant see is Autobar on the right hand side, Gatherer and Auctioneer, and a whole bunch of smaller UI stuff, like Classtimers, Quartz, teksLoot, Cartographer and Deadly Boss Mods. 

I'm still trying to get used to the whole keyboard only thing for abilities, instead of clicking as I need them.  I find myself looking at the keyboard to make sure my fingers are over the right spot, and then not moving as well as I should be, because my fingers are preoccupied with abilities, instead of doing forward and strafe movements.  However, battlegrounds have been good practice, and I'm going to start doing daily regular instances to work through instance quests, and practice the keymappings via DPS.  I'm still not sure my tanking gear, or my familiarity with the new layout is up to scratch for actual tanking.

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