Monday, February 08, 2010

Zoom zoom for Blackthorn

Blackthorn has had a pretty busy week with leveling, and is now half way through lvl72.

He hit 68 either on Wednesday or Thursday night, and trucked off the Netherstorm to pick up his Transmute Mastery, which he quickly dropped for 150g, and picked up Elixir Mastery is Shatt'rath City.

On Friday night, he hit 70 while guiding Betsy back to her owner. There were still some good quest rewards in Netherstorm to get, so he completed the Violet Tower line as much as he could, and then completed the Triangulation quest line to the point of meeting Adal. It was at that point, he decided that time would be better spent in Northrend.

When I level from 70 to 80, I like to start with Howling Fjord, then move to Borean Tundra. However, I did a couple of queries on Wowhead, and it would seem that Borean Tundra is the place to be for weapon upgrades, especially the kind that a DK can use. However, on Sunday morning, I queued up for an UK run as DPS (and lvl71), and after a few eventful drops from various members of the party, I finally scored a 2H Axe from Ingvar. Cheers, Ingvar! Seems like quite a good 2H axe, and I wont need to be replacing that for a while.

Anyway, I started out doing the Howling Fjord quests. I completed the start area, and the Explorers League hub, but then decided I should round out some of my professions before continuing on. Primarily, I should play catch up on my cooking so I dont end up saving a whole bunch of food mats, waiting for that day when I do finally catch up. So Saturday afternoon, and a good portion of the evening was spend following El's Fishing and Cooking Guide.

Now, I had already done some basics with cooking (up to 35 skill points with the spice bread), and had done some fishing while waiting for boats, and the like. So I was able to pick up the guide and work in where I had left off. The guide is pretty good, and there were only a couple of places were I deviated. The first was near the end of fishing near Stromguarde. Cooking those last few Bristle Whisker Catfish to get to 175 was killing me, so I ended up picking a couple of Tangy Clam Meats off the AH to get me over the edge. And then it was Mithril Head Trout all the way until 263 cooking. Oh, don't forget to train. Early in the cooking, I was sitting there, watching my toon cook up something I'd spent some time fishing for, and wondering, why arent I getting skill ups? Oh yeah, I needed to train. Doh!

My next deviation was not having enough fishing skill before moving on to Azshara. Or was it Bay of Storms in Azshara. I did enough fishing to get the raw materials I needed to level the cooking, but once that was done, I would move on to the next zone. As a result, I was fishing up alot of junk in the Bay of Storms, but all I really needed was a few Winter Squid to get me up to 300. I seemed to recall Ravager Dog not being available until 305, so I picked up a few more, just to be sure.

Then I moved on to Outland to level my cooking out there. This time, I left the guide completely, and cooked up all the ravager, buzzard and basilisk meat I had collected and saved while leveling out there. This got me to 350 cooking pretty easily, but my fishing was languishing back at 260 or so.

Then in Northrend, I cooked up the materials I had gathered out there, like Shoveltusk Flank. I got so far, I could even pick up the Northrend Stew quest, needed for the cooking dailies that were to come. So far, cooking has advanced to 394, and will probably stall there for a while until I advance into places that have worm meat available.

On Sunday, I started doing some of the seasonal valentines day quests. These are usually set to whatever level you happen to be, and can offer some pretty good XP. This year, I'd just like to get the companion pet, so I started doing what I could to collect Lovely Charms and make Lovely Bracelets for all for faction leaders. It was then that I paid a mage to port me to Dalaran, so I would have better options for traveling around.

Dalaran is busy! I've never been to Dalaran during peak times on Malygos, in my 4 years of playing. Aman'Thul was packed! Trade was no less busy with trolling morons and no one knowing or caring for the dedicated LFG channel. I picked up the cooking and fishing dailies, and ventured to Crystalsong Forest for carrots, and then went to Wintergrasp for some dangerous fishing! Wintergrasp is no place to be for a flagged lvl71 DK, but the fish were biting, and that got me a bit of free gold, and few mats to help with cooking, and hopefully money making down the track.

While I was in Dalaran, I confirmed what I had read about Cold Weather Flying. Your first toon on the realm has to wait until lvl77 before being able to purchase this ability. After that, your lvl80 can purchase a BoA tome that can be sent to your alts, so they can learn the ability at lvl68. Well, it's only four and a half levels to go before BT can fly around Northrend. Should only be a couple of weeks away.

So after all that, I decided not to pick up where I left off in Howling Fjord. I took the slow turtle to Moa'kai(?) and did the Kalu'ak quests there, and then took another slow turtle to Une'pe(?) and did the other Kalu'ak quests there. I'm determined to get exalted with those guys this time, and get that fishing rod.

On to Borean Tundra, and did what I could with the intro quests, Farshire and D.E.H.T.A. Tonight, I'll be starting a daily routine of Shatt'rath cooking (and fishing, if I have the skill), Northrend cooking and fishing and the three Kalu'ak dailies. Then I'll be tripping around for the Valentines even. I think I only need to visit IF and SW, and then I'll have enough tokens for the pet. And then I can get on with questing, and the line I'll be working on next is Coldarra, so I can have the quests when I step into The Nexus.

Well, that's enough for one posting.

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