Monday, February 08, 2010

Pugging on Aman'Thul

I've done a bit of pugging. Mostly, it's all recent and it's all because of the Looking For Dungeon tool, but nonetheless, all of Dubhs tier gear has come from pugs and she has the Perky Pug to prove it.

Now, all that pugging was done on Malygos, which is in a predominately American battlegroup. Aman'Thul belongs to a battlegroup in the Oceanic zone, which means it's mostly Australians and New Zealanders, though probably has a smattering of other nationalities (Japan and South East Asia springs to mind, with Americans and Canadians looking after the graveyard shift, as I did on Malygos).

Now, everyone has the capacity to be jerks, and behind the veil of anonymity, you tend to get a more than less. I'm not saying that the events that transpired were worthy of being called acts of jerkdom, but when you're playing at primetime I'd be guessing that there would be a few immature Australian gamers that get their backs up pretty quickly or just do stupid things because there's no one there to slap them upside the head and tell them to pull it in (their head, that is).

Anyway, my one PUG run for the weekend ended up with smiles because I scored Ingvar's Monolithic Cleaver. However, it was touch and go for a while.

I entered the queue for UK as DPS. At level 71, I didn't think I had the health pool to tank, and I definitely didn't have the gear. Lucky for us, our tank was a level 80 pally, who decided to switch to Ret. Interesting choice, but there probably wasn't going to be a threat problem, unless I started doing Death and Decay. As it was, I hadn't mastered my DPS rotation, and was still doing Heart Strike (hits target and a neighbor) instead of Death Strike (hits target using blood rune) or Obliterate (hits target using frost/holy rune pair).

It was all good until the tank left after the first boss, with out even so much as a "cya".

So we queued and waited, and he was replaced with a lvl72 warrior. We explained the first tank was lvl80 and left without a word. Not a problem. And on we went.

The tank was pretty quick, charging from mob to mob. The resto druid was pretty slow, not moving with the group. Quite possibly because he was refueling on mana. So at one point, he asked for the tank to check mana first, before moving to the next group. Fair enough call, so we waited at the top of the stairs before the next group for the druid to catch up. And then the druid came up the stairs, walked into the pack of mobs and body pulled them back down the stairs. Well, he must have been so embarrassed, he dropped group before he even died, and left us to wipe. He must have had a friend in the pug, or the other DPS thought the whole group would fail, because he left too.

So we queued and waited, and the resto druid was replaced with a holy pally and the other dps was replaced with a feral druid.

And on we went to complete the instance with no acts of jerkdom. I almost didn't survive the last encounter. I really need to look up that Dark Smash ability. I think it's a "run away" thing, but there's also something else that happens were you need to hide behind a pillar. Anyway, I was popping Rune Tap, my herbalism heal and a health pot to try and stay up. Just before he died, I was hiding behind a pillar, frantically trying to locate a bandage on the UI.

Yeah, time to research Ingvar.

Got any recent acts of jerkdom or pug nightmares?

Edit: Apparently you can LoS the Roar to avoid getting the stacking debuff that increases shadow damage by 5%. However, the Smash and Dark Smash are a cone effect that all melee, including the tank, should move out of. Melee DPS should be behind the boss anyway, but the tank should move through or move to the side to avoid the cone effect. I was pretty sure BT was behind the boss when the Dark Smash hit, but then again he might have been facing me while I was running away... the tank did have trouble keeping certain mobs facing one direction.

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